3 Forecasted Traits of Generation Z

Generation Z, a group of people who has yet to get a lot of attention due to the Millennial frenzy we are currently in. But, you just wait and see, Gen Z will be at the forefront of all the marketers’ minds in no time. As frustrating as it was for the Millennial Generation who was bombarded with stereotypes meant to define 80 million people, it is going to be quite difficult to label the next generation. Generation Z also known as Digital Natives, The Homeland Generation, and iGeneration, are truly the most diverse group of people the world has yet to experience. Who are these people, well they are those born in the late 1990’s to present day.

Connected Before Birth

This generation truly won’t remember a day in their life when the Internet didn’t exist. Some people born within this generation were even debuted via social media before they made their way into the world. Gen X and Millennial parents share their sonogram images via Facebook and Instagram before the sex of the child has even been determined. Gen Z will be more cyber connected than the Millennial Generation and tweens and teens will start influencing marketing and advertising trends sooner than we think. The instant exposure to technology and Internet will subsequently make Gen Z’ers process information faster than any generation prior. This digital native generation will gravitate towards technology that will make them feel human instead of detached from reality. What this technology looks like is still unknown, but you better believe that the next Steve Jobs is working hard at building the next best thing.

The Most Diverse Generation

Although Generation Z won’t outnumber the Millennial Generation (Millennials 80 million – Gen Z 45 million) Gen Z will be an even more diverse group of individuals. According to Frank Magid Associates, in the U.S alone, Gen Z population is estimated to be 55% Caucasian, 24% Hispanic, 14% African American, 4% Asian, and 4% mixed race. This generation will be more likely to have friend circles that include people from various religions, races, and ethnic groups. Generation Z will also be more likely to have interracial marriages.

Less Defined Gender Roles

Due to the evolution of today’s people, the typical Female and Male Gender roles are becoming less segregated and more united. Millennial women live in a world where they believe they are equal, are starting to demand equal pay, and are mustering enough courage to ask their Employers for what they deserve. Millennial woman are stronger and more successful than their mothers and are grandmothers paving the way for future women leaders. The idea that women stay home and men go to work is slowly becoming a thing of the past and will sound very old fashion to Gen Z’ers. According to The Curve Report, 39% believe there will actually be as many stay-at-home dads than moms by 2050. Generation Z will break the tradition of girls wearing dresses and playing with dolls and boys with fake swords and toy cars. Pop culture such as, The Hunger Games is empowering girls to feel strong and more dominant. Companies like Hasbro are ahead of the game and developing toys that cross over and appeal to both young girls and boys. This will be a trend that continues to evolve with the next generation.

We are just beginning to understand the Millennial Generation while some people are way ahead of the game and forecasting what the next generation may be like. Because the world has dramatically changed due to the boom of the Internet and social media, it makes sense that a generation born not knowing the world without it, would be extremely different than previous generations before.

Have you heard the term Gen Z before and do you have kids in this age group?

2 thoughts on “3 Forecasted Traits of Generation Z

  1. Cheval John says:

    Great post, Chelsea. I heard the term Generation-Z before, but this is the first time that I’ve had an indepth understanding of this generation. Greatly written.

  2. Hannah Roveto says:

    Great piece. Additional observation: My Gen Z teen girl is definitely willing to be herself but gets a lot of pushback from peers. The part about “gravitating toward technology that makes them feel human” is true — they want that — yet they are not shown by media (or peers) how to create trusting relationships and genuinely supportive environments even while they parrot back PC lessons from parents and schools. Genuine human connection — vs. digital connection — will be Gen Z’s greatest challenge and… over time… its greatest desire. Parenting Gen Z is eye opening and has you saying and doing things you never thought you would!

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