Millennial Guide to Successful Online Events

Brands across the globe are vying for millennial attention, a generation that spends around $600 billion in the U.S. each year. While this group’s purchasing power is already making waves, experts predict their annual spending will reach $1.4 trillion by the end of 2020.

As a result, it’s essential for businesses to consider millennial wants and needs, especially when it comes to designing successful media events online. To plan a get-together that’s sure to be a hit, follow the guide below.

Think About Sustainability

Millennials came of age in one of the most challenging economic climates of the past century. To combat this, they’re committed to eco-friendly developments that protect the planet. In fact, 73% of this group are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings, around a 25% increase since 2014. Which drastically can be improved by having online media events.

If the event is in person, consider eliminating disposable items like straws, flatware and cups. When choosing food and beverages, opt for locally sourced choices that don’t create excess transportation emissions. You can also use LED lighting, which is more energy-efficient than incandescent and fluorescent.

Gamify the Festivities Online

Who doesn’t love games? If you want to attract the millennial crowd, consider how you can ramp up your offerings and make the evening fun. Add raffles where people can purchase tickets for a chance to win prizes. Issue a social media challenge and encourage attendees to play online. Virtual gaming has been popular for decades, so why not hop on board now?

Create a Photo Moment

Millennials love to take shareable photos — images that capture the imagination and transport you to another place. Consider setting up an area at your venue dedicated to this activity. Create ideal photo-op spots with backdrops of greenery and bright patches of colorful flowers.

Encourage attendees to share their pictures online with a dedicated hashtag. Not only is this a great way to keep the energy alive, but it also generates buzz about your company. At the end of the night, ask people to look through their photos and share their favorite moments.

Take Advantage of Tech

Technology and the convenience it brings is appealing to millennials. To attract this crowd, incorporate it into your event in simple ways. Build an app where attendees can learn about speakers, navigate the building and connect with others. Offer online ticketing and allow people to check into the venue with their phones.

Use AR to let people can see virtual product demonstrations and participate in scavenger hunts. Poll attendees in real-time, sending out mobile surveys during a presentation, or at specific booths. You can also hand out wearables, such as wristbands and smart badges, that let people gain access to different rooms.

Personalize the Experience

In the U.S., 90% of consumers find marketing personalization appealing. They want products and experiences that speak directly to their wants and needs. To accommodate this trend, use attendee data to enhance your event and communications.

RFID technology, for instance, allows you to send targeted notifications to people based on their location and interests. With the information collected during registration, you can message specific attendees reminders about sessions or activities. After everyone leaves, use feedback surveys to improve your next function.

How to Plan a Successful Millennial Media Event

If you want your event to be a success with the millennial crowd, it’s crucial to follow the tips above. From sustainability to personalization, this generation has a strict outlook on how to spend their time and money.


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