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How To Visualize Your Way Through 2021 And Become Your Best Self

Visualize your way through 2021 and become your best self


What came to your mind as you read that word? Did an image of a bulb, the sun, or color flash across your mind? Or did you immediately start reading the next line? There’s no wrong answer so, be honest with yourself.

The different ways we interpret things are reflections of our inner thought process, and if you truly want to get the best from 2021, you need to dig deep and find the best version of yourself. One of the best ways to do that is by unlocking your ability to visualize.


We often hear people talk about the ‘inner eye’ or ‘mind’s eye,’ but what exactly does it mean, and how does it help you live a positivity-filled life? Let’s get right to it!

Visualization is a process of creating a mental image that helps your mind focus on an outcome and achieve a level of calmness and control. With visualization, you create a setting or future scenario and use that to program your mind and keep any anxious or negative emotions at bay.

As you continue on your personal, business, and career journeys in 2021, it is vital that you channel as much positivity as you can towards your actions, intentions, and reactions. By visualizing, you can guide your mind to develop into a fortress that helps you become your best self.

Steps to visualize your way through 2021

-Firstly, you have to ‘spot’ and ‘stop’ overthinking.

Overthinking can prevent you from taking the necessary risks from growth, going on adventures to live life to the fullest, or increase your anxiety levels and reduce your quality of life. To visualize effectively, you need to be in tune with your mind, and that’s something you cannot do if the constant train of overthinking is always in motion.

If you are in the process of, or considering, scaling your business, don’t allow your mind to start hammering on the risks and possible failures. Instead, picture the increasing engagements, hiring more people to expand your workforce, and reviews from old and new customers. When you put these things in your mind, you feel more confident about your decision, and you have the push to move forward with your plan.

When you visualize, you create your version of events –your own reality -and with that power, you can choose to be happy. So, first things first, in 2021, spot and stop overthinking!

-Key into the mental image (Mindfulness)

If you are distracted, you may find it hard to visualize a positive and realistic future for any situation or scenario. Instead, when you want to visualize something, make sure you are keying into the mental image. Mindfulness is a technique that allows you to connect with yourself, through your sense, and away from external distractions.

 ‘Right now and right here, what are the things I can see? Taste? Smell? Touch? Hear?’

In answering these questions, you tune out your mind’s confusion, and by the time you identify with your senses, you feel calmer and more relaxed. In that state of relaxation, you can now begin to picture whatever the problem is and get a fresh perspective of a solution.

Visualizing while feeling overwhelmed or confused can be ineffective as you may end up projecting your fears and creating a negative space. Practicing mindfulness with visualization equips you with the mental fortitude to make the most out of 2021. Visualization will improve your overall wellness, helping you to become the best version of yourself.

-Prepare for all outcomes

Most people mistake visualizing with getting lost in the bliss of your imaginations, but it is actually a form of preparation. When visualizing, it is best to stick to the most logical outcome. That’s how you know the level of your emotional preparedness. You strengthen your mind for criticism while opening it to receive praise. Visualizing is all about getting you in the right frame of mind to tackle challenges –and that doesn’t mean roses all the way; it just means that you won’t be caught in a bad place, regardless of the outcome.


By learning the skills to practice visualization techniques, you get to do some inner reflection and find ways to become the best version of yourself that you can be!  Being able to visualize improves your creativity, innovative thinking, and problem-solving skills, which can be applied to all aspects of your life and help you navigate 2021 successfully –just remember to stay motivated and excited!


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