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How To Monetize Your Blog #MillennialTalk w/@ProBlogger


Problogger Darren Rowse

There are over 42,000,000 blogs on the internet today, yet more than 80% of bloggers never make $100 from their posts. I invited Darren Rowse- ProBlogger to join our #Millennialtalk Twitter Chat last night. During our insanely busy chat we talked about everything from creating a blog, to gaining traffic, and how to monetize your blogs. Take a look!

#MillennialTalk Twitter Chat:

@ChelseaKrost & @Problogger (Darren Rowse)

Q1 @Problogger, there are over 42,000,000 blogs on the internet. When deciding to blog how can we make our blog stand out?

A1 Good Question and one there’s no one answer. My approach is to focus upon serving your readers needs. Understanding readers needs, problems, dreams & providing content based on these is key for standing out from the crowd #MillennialTalk

A1 Another tip for standing out is to express an OPINION. It’s what makes you unique & sets you apart from ‘me too’ blogs #MillennialTalk

A1 Lastly – be yourself. There’s nobody like you with your experiences, story or voice. Express that with passion #MillennialTalk

Q2 @Problogger, do you have a preferred medium: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, other?

A2 There are many great blog platforms but my preference is to use which I host on my own servers #MillennialTalks

Q3 @Problogger how long or short should blog posts be today?

A3: My motto on post length: “Write as many words as you need to use to be useful… and then stop writing” I’ve written successful posts that are 20 words and others that are 5000 – #MillennialTalk #NORULES

A3: Word length can vary depending upon your style, topic you’re writing about & what your readers respond to #MillennialTalk

Q4 @Problogger how often should one post new blogs to their site?

A4: Frequency will depend upon your style/length of posts, how much you have to say and how much appetite your readers have #MillennialTalk

A4: On @DigitalPS we publish 2 posts per day and on @ProBlogger we publish 5-6 times per week. But others do well with less #MillennialTalk

A4: here’s a post I wrote on publishing frequency that might help – … #MillennialTalk

Q5 @Problogger over 60% of businesses have a blog do you suggest business that don’t blog to do so?

A5: It depends on goals, audience, niche & time availability – blogs can help businesses with marketing, customer service, PR, customer research etc Well worth exploring – but yes, a blog can definitely help a business #MillennialTalk

Q6 @Probloggers what plugins are essential for a successful blog?

A6: Plugins depend upon your goals. I use @yoast’s SEO plugin, Gravity Forms for contact forms… #MillennialTalk

A6: Plugins cont’ – I use W3 Total Cache, WP Database Backup, WP Editorial Calendar, WP popular posts etc #MillennialTalk

A6: there are so many good WordPress plugins! We also have developed some of our own which we’ll release soon #MillennialTalk

Q7 @Do you recommend bloggers to add an image or short video to their blog?

A7: Using images is important. They give posts visual appeal, draw the eye down the page & add depth. Video is also great. It will appeal to readers with different personalities and learning types #MillennialTalk

Q8 @Problogger do you recommend asking viewers to subscribe to your blog & pls share w/ us the importance of email list.

A8: YES – starting to build your email list is very important for my strategy of growing a profitable blog. Here’s what happens the day we send our email newsletter on @DigitalPS –>> … #MillennialTalk

Email’s a big topic so here’s more reading on why/how I do it … and … #MillennialTalk

Q9 @Problogger how did you first make money blogging?

A9: my first $s came from adding some Google AdSense ads and to do an Amazon Affiliate promotion #MillennialTalk

A9: Today I draw income from 12 sources. The biggest is eBooks. Heres how it progressed … #MillennialTalk

Q10 @Problogger what are the most popular ways to make money off a blog today?

A10: I recently brainstormed around 40 ways of making money from blogs at #MillennialTalk

A10: the main ways bloggers monetise is through partnering with brands (selling ads) or by selling their own products #MillennialTalk

A10: within the ‘working with brands’ area there are many ways. Banner ads, sponsored posts, competitions etc #MillennialTalk

Q11 @Problogger What are bloggers missing today that keeps them from successfully monetizing?

A11: Many bloggers think that ‘one day’ their blog might make money but they don’t do anything 2 move toward it #MillennialTalk

A11: Set yourself goals and identify what you’d need to do to move towards it one step at a time #MillennialTalk

Q12 @Problogger how should bloggers go about collaborating with brands/products/giving reviews?

A12: The key with brand partnerships is to make them a win 4 the brand, a win for you & a win 4 your readers #MillennialTalk

A12: Choose to work with brands you genuinely endorse and that are relevant to your readers #MillennialTalk

A12: I landed my first brand sponsorship by getting on the phone and ringing a small store owner that related to my niche #MillennialTalk

Q13 @Problogger how long will it take to make money, is there a benchmark bloggers should make for themselves?

A13: while some promise fast $s and lots of it (they usually will try to sell you their blueprint) it doesn’t work like that #MillennialTalk

A13: most bloggers don’t make a fortune blogging but rather add a second income stream to their life. #MillennialTalk

A13: Take a longer term approach to blogging for $ and choose to blog about something you love – you could be at it a while! #MillennialTalk

Q14 @Problogger where does social media fit into the mix?

A14: social media is pretty important in todays world – but for me it sits around my blog & builds it up #MillennialTalk

A14: I find social media is better for building community & engagement than for selling. We use email to sell & SM to engage #MillennialTalk




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