3 Keys for Igniting Your Love Life

Loving Life
You don’t just want temporary love. You want love that lasts longer than a day, a love like the movies… heart thumping, totally exhilarating, completely crazy love that provides a platform for others to strive to.

That kind of love is bigger than a once a year celebration and it’s bigger than what one person can offer you. That kind of love only comes from one place… it comes from being totally, completely, and madly in love with your life.

When you love your life, true love naturally comes to, through and from you. That’s the kind of love you want.

There are 3 Keys to Igniting Your Love Life – while engaging with these 3 keys, you will feel butterflies and you will definitely want more time alone.

1. Tell me what you want

In order for you to truly love your life, you can’t be quiet about what you want and need. You have desires and pleasures that will never be satisfied if you keep quiet about them.

Do you desire more time for your family? Do you really want to plant a garden? Does traveling totally turn you on?

You have to speak up about what you need, and fully expect that those things are available for you. It’s not always an immediate agreement or easy fix, but that is no excuse for staying quiet and staying miserable. If you want to love your life, you must be honest about what you want and speak up for it.

2. Lie about your age

Turn ons? Flirtation? Who has time for those things! As adults, our responsibility list has officially grown larger than we can handle.

In order to truly love your life, you must engage with the freedom of your youth. However, that doesn’t mean falling victim to the “mistakes” you made when you were younger. Take the things you once loved and apply your wisdom to them.

For example, if you loved traveling without a plan (and often without the money to do so), start a spontaneous travel fund. Every time you get a $5 bill in cash, put it in the fund. When you feel the need to “get away,” grab the money in your spontaneous travel fund and start exploring.

3. Actions speak louder than words

Saying “I love you” means little to nothing when your actions don’t reflect it. If you really want your children, siblings, or friends to really truly love their lives, you’re going to have to be the one to show them how.

Just like any great relationship, you have to stop demanding things be different and you actually have to do the changing. That requires that you do things you love to do, and that you stop making excuses why you can’t.

The most romantic, exhilarating, and adventurous true love awaits you. Open yourself to the love that life has in store for you.

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Amanda helps women in their teens, 20s and 30s to discover their unique message, and empowers them to build businesses and start movements that make a positive impact on the world. Her Ageless Coaching programs help young people to find meaning in their circumstance and to use exactly what they have to make a difference in the world. Amanda is a certified Dream Builder Coach through Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute and a Parent Coach through Gloria DeGaetano’s Parent Coaching Institute.

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