Facing the Risks: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Healthy Living

Facing the Risks: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Healthy Living

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to risk. However, the perils and uncertainty of the self-employed lifestyle don’t just relate to the work itself. They also extend to a business owner’s personal life.

Here are a few of the risks that entrepreneurs commonly face as well as suggestions for how to prevent and combat them.

The Risks of Entrepreneurship

Many areas of life become stressful and strenuous when you run your own company.

For instance, physical struggles like hypertension, sleeping disorders, and migraines are common. Even something as simple as sitting at a desk for an excessive amount of time can lead to vein issues, back pain, and shockingly, even a shorter life expectancy.

Mental health struggles with depression, anxiety, and self-worth can also quickly enter the picture. These can further lead to addictions to anything from drinking and opioids to overeating or even general obsessive compulsiveness.

Self-care, the oft-trumpeted solution to many of these problems, is typically nowhere to be seen on an entrepreneur’s to-do list. The need to tend to an endless pile of responsibilities crowds out the desire to rest, relax, and take care of basic needs.

To further complicate the inherent risks involved, entrepreneurs rarely can afford the high premiums that come with health insurance. This can lead to financial pressures, add to chronic stress, and exacerbate under-addressed health issues.

Finances are another risk that entrepreneurs commonly face. Lack of liquid cash and the sink or swim aspect of being tied to a corporate entity can be daunting at times — especially early in the life cycle of a business.

Discovering Balance

With so many risks threatening them, entrepreneurs must find ways to live healthily. These don’t have to be idyllic. They don’t even have to solve every problem or head off every eventuality.

However, business owners must do their best to care for themselves in whatever ways that they can. Here are a few suggestions for ways to do so:

Make Small Physical Changes

It’s easy to eliminate many of the most common physical health issues that entrepreneurs face by making small changes to familiar habits.

For instance, if you wear contacts, don’t do so for more than 14-16 hours a day — especially if you spend your day staring at your business computer. If you sit a lot, get up and stretch regularly and look for quick and easy fitness habits that fit into your schedule.

Adopt Good Mental Health Habits

When it comes to your mental health, it’s important to find a way to relieve the stress at times. Otherwise, work responsibilities (and their accompanying health concerns) will chase you even when you’re off the clock.

Learn to unplug and take genuine time off. Additionally, find ways to delegate responsibilities whenever you can. This can be to employees or partners as well as utilizing technological solutions, such as communication and collaboration tools to reduce your workload.

Tend to Your Personal Finances

It’s easy to prioritize your business’s finances. But your own money matters should still have a place in your activities.

This doesn’t just include paying your bills or creating a budget, either. You should also set financial goals that can help you gain a sense of control and reduce stress in your life.

Finding Health Amidst the Business

The entrepreneurial path can be overwhelming. Not just occasionally, either, but regularly. This can lead to several physical, mental, and financial risks.

With these dangers always a possibility, it’s important to make an effort to set up a healthy lifestyle. From little habits for physical health to breaks and delegation for your mind’s ease, to financial goals designed to motivate and help you focus, there are many areas that you should consider when trying to live healthily.

So consider your own entrepreneurial life. Look for personal areas where you’re lacking. Then review the above suggestions and find the best ways to mitigate the risks in the name of a long, healthy, and prosperous future.


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