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Fitness Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

FItness Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

We all know that working out is good for us. It helps us have a positive self and body image, it produces endorphins, improves our metabolism and is just plain good for us.

And as entrepreneurs, it is especially important to make sure we get our sweat on.  Studies show that the most successful people in business, engage in some sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.  It helps them focus throughout the day and their bodies are better able to ward off illnesses and colds.

Because who has time for a sick day when you’ve got a business to run?

I used to find it difficult to find time to workout, but now I can’t live without it. I found that the key is to schedule it on my calendar just like a meeting with a client. I sit down at the beginning of the week, usually on Sundays, and plan all of my workouts ahead of time.

But, the trick is that I have to put it on my calendar. So that I can’t book a call or client meeting when I’m supposed to be getting my groove on in the gym.

If the thought of working out is dreadful for you, consider taking group exercise classes. They are fun, you can meet lots of awesome people and you have an instructor that will make sure you sweat. I prefer these classes over the treadmill any day!

And try to do something different everyday. In fact, my workouts switch up constantly between pilates, yoga, running, biking, dance and YouTube videos.

It’s all about having fun and enjoying the workout. And yes, it IS possible to enjoy a workout.

So, if you’re a busy entrepreneur and find it difficult to find time to workout. Here are three steps for you to take today so that you get your sweat on regularly.

1. Pick one day out of the week to schedule your workouts. Take 30 minutes to plan it out.

2. Mark your workouts on your calendar. Consider it a priority, just like your meetings with clients.

3. Have fun! Try a new salsa class or take a kickboxing workout. The more fun you have, the more you’ll do it. If the weather is frightful, check out the Blogilates or Fitness Blender YouTube videos so you can workout in the comfort of your home.  And who knows- you may even meet a new client at one of these classes.

For more tips on how to have a healthy work-life balance, check out Xero’s easy tricks on avoiding burn-out as a small business owner.



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