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Best Ways To Get Revenge



I’ll admit it, keying a car, throwing a rock through a window or blasting someone online can all be satisfying ways to get revenge. But there comes a point in your life when getting a misdemeanor or in a fight isn’t cute anymore. When you go from, “I’m going to beat his ass” to “I wonder if my insurance will cover this,” it’s time to find other ways to get even.

So what do you do when someone does something that pisses you off? It’s hard to walk away, but when you have a career, smacking the hell out of someone becomes less of an option. Try this instead:

CLASSY OVER SASSY: Think about someone you look up to, how do you think they would handle an adversary? If you’re somewhat civilized, the people you look up to will keep it classy. People looking at the situation from the outside will most often side with the person who keeps it cool, calm, collected and classy. Gaining friends and fans is helpful in winning out over someone looking to knock you down.

NO SWEAT: Never let them see you sweat. When you cross paths with someone who has wronged you, walk in head held high, in control of yourself, your life and everything around you. Be like a swan, your feet may be kicking for dear life below the surface but stay graceful and elegant above the surface for all to see.

CRUSH THEM WITH SUCCESS: I’ve been stepped on and kicked to the curb for no other reason than someone just didn’t like me. I’ve actually been fired for being too happy and “not walking around with enough fear.” The very same person wrote me months later to hire me for something else. There were a million negative and malicious things I wanted to blast back. Instead, I never responded and work really hard to succeed personally and professionally. Every time I get another job, another promotion, another pay raise, I smile knowing that situation did not break me.

It’s been said, “Success is the best revenge.” I truly believe that and as you move forward in your career and life, keep that in mind. Damaging someone’s property is temporary; being successful is forever.


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