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8 Tips That Will Make You Feel More Comfortable Entering Your Twenties

8 Tips That Will Make You Feel More Comfortable Entering Your Twenties

Your twenties can be an intimidating time. You’re truly on your own for the first time, and without the background safety net of your parents or college, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You should know that you’re not the only one who feels lost and confused during this time. It’s a stage that everyone goes through.

With a little advice and a lot of patience, you’ll get through this period of your life. And then you’ll be nearly thirty!

Until then, use these tips to diffuse the stress of adulting for the first time:

On Your Dream Job

While you may have big goals when it comes to your career, the reality is that you have to be patient. No one lands their dream job straight out of college. No matter how talented or how qualified you are to be CEO, you still have to work your way up the ranks like everyone else did.

It can be frustrating, especially if your job sucks in terms of salary, responsibility or environment, but rest assured. If you keep working towards your goals, you’ll be rewarded. You may want to find a mentor at your company or in your industry to help you through these frustrations. Their guidance, not to mention their experience, can be lifesaving.

On Renting an Apartment

Eventually, you’ll want to move out of your parents’ house. Whether it’s to be closer to a job, or just to be out on your own, your first apartment is a huge step. It can feel really liberating and exciting, but it can also be terrifying.

Know this: you’ll be putting a bunch of your hard-earned money down on something you’ve barely seen. And you’ll be signing a contract that makes you pay for it for at least one year. Make sure you prepare by checking out some tips on negotiating a lease and finding a first apartment.

If you don’t do your research thoroughly, you could end up paying too much, or with a place that’s not as great as you thought it looked.

On Buying a Car

As you get deeper into your job and start advancing in your career, you’ll probably start to think about buying a car.


Just like looking for an apartment, trying to find a good deal on a good car takes a lot of research and effort. Make sure you know what you’re looking for, and what kind of car you need. It’s important to consider the ongoing costs of having a car, and what you’ll be able to afford in the long run. Not to mention what you’ll need practically.

You’re in your “carefree” twenties now, but seven or eight years down the line, you probably won’t want something that screams ostentatious, or that guzzles gas for an hour long commute.

On Your Bank Account

Your parents probably told you all about savings accounts, your 401k and budgeting. And you probably didn’t listen.

It’s important to start saving right away. Even though you think you’re invincible now, it’s good to have some money set aside just in case something happens or you have to leave your job. Some people call this the F*** You Fund.

And it’s never too early to start taking advantage of a 401k. Retirement seems like a long way off, but if you put a little money aside out of every paycheck, by the time you actually get up into retirement age, you’ll be glad you started young.

On Your Friends

In high school and college, you think that all your friends will be your friends forever, and that adulthood will be all meeting new people and making new friends.

The reality of it is slightly different. Even with all of the technology and social media networks constantly at our fingertips, it’s still difficult to keep in touch with people. You’ll find that people leave your life for numerous reasons, and the number of friends you have goes down significantly after graduating college.

The good news is that the friends who stick with you are the ones worth keeping. This is an instance of quality over quantity. You should value the friends who remain your friends through thick and thin, and don’t mourn the ones you lose touch with too much.

On Getting a Credit Card

Getting a credit card is one of those adulthood steps that seems awesome, but can actually be tricky. Your credit score is hugely important in multiple aspects of life, and knowing how to use a credit card affects it a lot.

Make sure you research cards, their benefits and policies before you apply. And even though you may get a notice about being “pre-approved” for a card, that doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you. And of course, pay attention to how you use it. Since your limit is probably higher than you can afford, it’s easy to slip into a hole of debt.

On Your Family

Getting out on your own is exciting, but don’t forget that for your family, it can be hard. Especially for your parents, who raised you and want to see you succeed. They’re proud of you for sure, but they still want to feel like you appreciate them and respect their support and opinions.

So call your mom!

On How it’s “Supposed to Be”

Television, the movies and social media shows you the best of everyone’s (sometimes fictional) worlds. But keep in mind that no one’s life is all football games, trips to Vegas, and new cars. Take everything you see with a grain of salt, and keep in mind that there is no magic formula that will turn your life into a reality TV show.

The way your life is going now is the way it’s supposed to be. People get up every day and go to work, they get married, they move to the suburbs. Every day is mostly the same. That’s what makes the big events all the more special.

So fear not. Being in your twenties doesn’t have to be scary. Keep these things in mind and you’ll pass with flying colors.



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