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7 Ways to Spend Your Summer in Quarantine

Beaches, roller coasters, music festivals, and water parks. Those are your usual go-to summer activities or should I say used to be? Sadly, those were the things we could do in pre-pandemic times but that’s not to say that we can’t still have our fun this summer. There are seven ways to enjoy your summer safely and wonderfully. Shall we take a look at what they are?


1. Go outside and walk/bike in the park.

This is nothing new but now that the weather is perfect to go outside often, it’s your time to take advantage of the great outdoors. Not only it will help you to stay active, but it will also improve your mood significantly. Overall, your mental health will benefit from the change in scenery and getting the sunlight you need. Make sure to keep your physical distance with others while walking or biking in the park!


2. Invest in and take vitamin D tablets.

Summer might not be the season that’s related to vitamin D but investing in and taking your vitamin D tablets could be helpful in improving your energy level. Especially when it’s hard to stay outdoors for long given that there are limited activities you can do, this is something worth considering to help you have an amazing summer.


3. Start journaling.

Another way to spend your time this summer is to take time to journal. This will be a great way to reflect on yourself and it will help you to find your peaceful time. To make it more effective, find a favourite spot at your place, have your favourite drink ready to go and start journaling away! It will be a therapeutic and restful experience.


4. Take a lovely long bath.

Can’t go to a pool? Unless you are that lucky person who has a pool in your backyard, take a good bath. It’s not as spacious as a swimming pool or the ocean, but it will be a way of treating yourself this summer. Try on your nice bathing suit, have some bubble bath or bath bomb ready to spice it up! It will be well-worth your time and this bath will be a pleasant relaxation for yourself.


5. Make your cocktails at home.

DIY has never been more popular since everyone’s cooking from home or making their own bread and masks. Why not take it up a notch and look up cocktail recipes and make your own? You won’t need to miss bars or restaurants that much after learning how to make some on your own and maybe you can come up with your own after making a few! Plus, cocktails are perfect refreshers for summer so how fitting would it be if you give this a go?


6. Take up healthy meal plans.

As current pandemic changes our lifestyle, this is a great time for you to try out a practical healthy eating plan. The virus might not go away soon, but this is your golden chance to conquer it by not giving into unhealthy lifestyle. One thing you should check is to see if the eating plan you choose is not a fad diet so that you can eat happy and healthy without that dreadful diet experience that works fast but brings the yo-yo effect fast. Additionally, you should ensure to accompany your meal plans with a good amount of exercise; you will definitely be able to see a positive impact on your mind and body that way.


7. Go to a drive-in theatre.

How long has it been since we were allowed to go to a movie theatre? If you are that person who misses going to the theatre, drive-in theatres will be a perfect alternative for you. Although these theatres might not have as many dates and times as regular movie theatres, the experience will be very enjoyable and nostalgic. You get to go outside and enjoy the weather while keeping your physical distance from others easily. Here’s a hidden bonus: you won’t have to worry about anyone kicking your seat because you have your car to yourself!

Pandemic measures have made it difficult for us to do the things we love but this is our time to be creative and create new traditions to continue. Don’t let the environment take you over but be in control of your environment. It’s ultimately up to you as to how you’re going to spend your summer and don’t forget that there are plenty of ways that you can treat yourself this summer!


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