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7 Unique Ways Millennials Can Enhance Their Health This Winter

7 Unique Ways Millennials Can Enhance Their Health This Winter

Staying healthy is the first thing on everyone’s mind. No one wants to feel out of sorts and miss work or school, but you don’t have to worry about taking time off this year. Read these seven unique ways millennials can enhance their health this winter and you’ll feel your best without missing a beat.

1. Make Homemade Masks

Everyone’s experienced that moment where their nose is runny or their throat hurts and they still go to work or run errands. Being around other people increases the chance of contracting an airborne illness, but not if you wear a mask in public places.

A fabric mask is a barrier between airborne viruses and your body. You can find them for sale almost anywhere, but you can also make them at home with a bit of cloth and a sewing kit. Consider which method is best for your budget and schedule if you want to use masks as a health precaution this year.

2. Invest in Indoor Exercise Equipment

Depending on where you live, it’s likely too cold to head outside for a run. That’s why it’s a smart idea to invest in indoor exercise equipment. You can stay moving during freezing rain and snowstorms, which will keep you in shape and make your immune system more robust.

Research shows that when people exercise, the movement boosts their white blood cell production and gives them additional protection against disease. When your body has more than enough white blood cells, it can fight infections longer and more powerfully. Think about walking for 30 minutes every day or lifting weights a few times per week to get started without overwhelming your body.

3. Join a Virtual Wellness Group

Anyone can make healthy changes to their lives, but it can be challenging to make those changes permanent. Those new year resolutions always become more difficult as the year progresses. It’s much easier to reach your goals alongside a supportive community of friends. That’s where the internet can help.

Find a support group online once you pick a unique way to enhance your health this winter. You’ll meet people who have the same goals and will cheer you on. You could discuss what works and what doesn’t to feel more encouraged about your wellness journey.

4. Consider Eating More Seafood

Dietary choices are a primary influencer of your health. If you only ever eat frozen meals and junk food, you’ll feel sluggish and off-balance long before a virus ever enters your body. Think about making simple dietary adjustments this winter to feel better and stay healthier even as the flu season reaches its peak.

Already eat daily vegetables and avoid added sugars? Add more seafood to your diet. It’s an incredible nutritional resource that’s available anywhere. Eating food like lobster will give your body essential nutrients that boost your immune system, like omega-3 fatty acids. Whether you try baking, boiling or broiling your new seafood meals, you’ll eat delicious warm food every day that prevents and fights infections.

5. Find a Vitamin Delivery Subscription

Given that millennials are 24% more likely than baby boomers to have a food delivery subscription, you likely have other products routinely delivered to your home. Why not add a delivery service that provides daily vitamins? You’ll get vitamins tailored to your specific health needs and avoid getting sick with the flu this winter.

6. Use a Humidifier

A recent study found that participants experienced greater stress levels in environments with dry air. The lack of humidity caused side effects like irritated lung lining, dry skin and dehydration, increasing overall stress. Intense amounts of the stress hormone cortisol will weaken the immune system and make it more likely that you’ll get sick.

Humidifiers make it much easier to minimize the risk of this affecting your health. You can set the exact measure of your indoor humidity to whatever makes you most comfortable. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends a 30-50% humidity setting for optimal comfort, but that will differ with each person.

7. Research All-Natural Electrolyte Drinks

It’s easier to stay hydrated when you’re outside in hot weather, so people become dehydrated more often in the winter. Drinking fluids with added electrolytes will provide enough hydration to your organs to maintain essential functions like your immune system, but what if you don’t want the dyes and chemicals in name-brand sports drinks?

Anyone who wants to stay healthy can mix a homemade electrolyte drink with all of the organic ingredients they require. Whether you prefer a minty lime flavor or an orange drink, you’ll get all-natural electrolytes from ingredients like fruit and Himalayan salt.

Enhance Your Health This Winter

Don’t spend another minute worrying about when you’ll get sick in the coming months. Now that you’ve read a few unique ways millennials can enhance their health this winter, take control of your wellness. Adjusting your diet, drinking more fluids and even changing the humidity in your home will help you get well on your way to year-long health.


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