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10 Creative Ways for Millennial Moms to Engage with Their Kids

10 Creative Ways for Millennial Moms to Engage with Their Kids

Do you feel like you’ve run out of activities to do with your kids? Connecting with your children can be tough when you feel like you don’t have creative ways to do so.

Well, search no further! Here are ten resourceful ways to engage with your kids.

1.  Have a Dance Party

Consider having a dance party with your kiddos next Friday night. What better way to connect with your kids and get a little exercise than to crank the music and dance around the living room? Take turns selecting songs as a family to create an intergenerational playlist and show off favorites from each family member. It’s a great way to learn more about each other.

2.  Enjoy Sing-Alongs

As your children are exposed to more songs through your dance parties, consider instituting a weekly sing-along. Chances are, they’ll love showing off their singing skills to the rest of the family. It’ll also be an excellent way for you to bond with your kiddos. Consider using the same playlist from your dance nights, so your kids get familiar with the songs. If the sign-along nights get popular, try transitioning to karaoke for more advanced fun.

3.  Do Family Trivia

A fun way to connect with your children and get to know them more is to have family trivia nights. Family trivia can be as formal or informal as you wish to make it. Make the night primarily about your kids, starting with easy questions–birthdays, middle names, favorite colors, movies and books. Let your kids brainstorm answers and questions to ask you too.

4.  Put on Puppet Theater

A great way to engage your kids in play is to put on a puppet show. If you have younger kids, imaginative or fantasy play is the perfect way to help children develop cognitively and boost their creativity. Make sock puppets with your children and put on a show re-enacting their favorite fairy tale, TV show or movie. If your kids are a little older, help them use their imaginations to create their own puppet show.

5.  Picnic At The Park

Consider taking the kids out for lunch, but rather than dining out at a restaurant, go on a picnic. The fresh air can always do a family good–providing a perspective in critical situations. Additionally, your children will likely enjoy the time in nature and your undivided attention.

Pack a leisurely lunch of sandwiches and head to a local park or nature preserve. Make an afternoon out of it and hike afterward or go to a playground if you have time. Your children will appreciate the extra bit to run, and you’ll enjoy tired kids at bedtime.

6.  Cook Together

If you want to connect with your children routinely, consider cooking as a family. Cooking is an excellent way for you and your kids to bond. As you prepare meals, you can share about your days and listen to each other. Cooking also provides excellent teaching opportunities in the kitchen–your kids will remember these lessons as they grow into responsible teenagers and young adults. After you prepare your meal, sit down as a family to eat together and enjoy what you’ve made!

7.  Plant a Garden

Cultivate your family’s green thumbs and plant a garden. Find the perfect spot in your backyard or if you have excess window space, try a miniature potted herb garden. Your kids will love helping you water their garden and watching their plants grow. Discuss which vegetables, fruits or herbs you wish to grow as a family and purchase the products together–then monitor the progress together.

8.  Do a Scavenger Hunt

One unique way to connect with your children is to do a scavenger hunt in your community. This is a great way to get your kids moving and exploring new areas. There are plenty of options when it comes to scavenger hunts–you can make your own, stay at home, or run around your entire neighborhood. The great thing about scavenger hunts is it requires you and your family to work together, therefore getting you and your kids to bond in a fun and different way.

9.  Volunteer Together

Consider giving back to your community as a family. Volunteering is a fantastic way to model responsible citizenship. It’s also a terrific way to engage with your children. Ask your children how they’d like to volunteer. Perhaps you have a child who loves animals or one who has shown empathy for those with housing vulnerabilities. One week take your children to volunteer at the ASPCA. Next week, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen. Both kids will feel purposeful in their volunteering. Try to make the volunteer work a regular part of your family life if time allows.

10. Take a Class

A fun way to bond as a family is for moms and kids to take a class together. Maybe off the top of your head, you have an idea of a class your kids would like to participate in. If your child is musically inclined, maybe they’d like to learn an instrument. If they’re a budding artist, perhaps they’d like to try out a new medium. If you’re not sure what class your kid would like to take, that’s okay. The idea is to have the two of you bond as you learn something new together. Just ask your child what they’re interested in and go from there.

Engage with Your Children Today

There are so many ways to creatively bond with your children. All it takes is a little bit of effort, and you and your kids will be connected in no time!


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