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7 Apps for Helping a Business Run Smoothly

7 Apps for Helping a Business Run Smoothly

Alright, it’s been one year of remote work for many businesses. With so many gearing up for year two, it might be time to utilize some new technology. Whether your team needs help organizing themselves or reducing distractions, below are a few apps to help your company run more efficiently.

Time Management

You might not realize it but those small distractions each day can add up to lost productivity. To get you back on track, try one of the following apps.

Rescue Time

Are you finding that the day has slipped away and you have no idea what you did? This app will help you track which websites and apps you are spending the most time on during the day. It’s something that will run in the background, so don’t worry about it distracting you as it collects information. At the end of the week, look back to see where you can to reduce distractions.

Focus Booster

Need to stay on track? This is the app for you. This app uses a timer to section off work intervals and breaks. It will track your progress and showcase how you have improved weekly through graphs and charts. This is a great way to remind you to get up and move throughout the day or when to stop for a few minutes.


If you’re itching for a new way to track tasks or check items off your list, these options are for you.


If you are a note-taking person, then welcome to your new best friend. This app helps you take notes, and allows you to go back to a previous version of a note using a slider. You can also share your notes with other people to help you communicate updates or break down a project’s numerous tasks in one place.


Would you like a checklist with more nifty tools? Taskful is the app for you!. You can organize your tasks by days of the week, color code them based on either a category or due date, and set ongoing tasks on repeat for however long long you need them to go. You can share information with people including friends and colleagues. Using dictating abilities, you can add things to your list. The app also has a daily task bar that gives a graph showing your progress with list items.


Trying to get in touch with your colleagues? Frustrated with the lack of communication on projects? Use any of the apps below to fix these common frustrations.


For an app similar to social media but focused on task communication, try Flow. It takes everything you’re prioritizing, and puts it into a single stream. It’ll notify you on task delegation, project updates, and when you’re mentioned in conversations. These features will help you see your entire workload in one place.


If you want to communicate with your team in real time or segment parts of a larger group into smaller task-focused channels, Slack can help you out. Available both on computer and mobile devices, this app lets people stay in touch with each other no matter the time or distance. Another great feature is the video call option. This is helpful if you need to speak with someone right away or share your screen to solve a problem.


This isn’t necessarily a communication tool, but rather a scheduling one. If you want to avoid overbooking yourself or scheduling two things at once, use Tempo. This app syncs multiple calendars into one place, which is great if you have a personal calendar for tracking home life and one for work obligations. Other great features include dialing right into a conference call and connecting with your social media accounts.

Apps are an effective way to solve some of the common issues that businesses face with remote work. Whether you need to speak with your team more often or need to cut down on lost productivity, choosing any of the tools above can get you back on track.


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