4 Fantastic Ways Millennial Parents are Changing the Education Game

4 Fantastic Ways Millennial Parents are Changing the Education Game

Like everything else, education has changed with the times. The way we used to receive and perceive education has now evolved into something new and in many ways different. And even though millennial parents basically want the same things for their children today that their parents wanted for them thirty years ago, which is to be skilled and end up with a good job and a good life, some new requirements and expectations have arisen throughout these three decades. Here are some of the ways millennial parents are affecting education today.

They Want More from Schools

When millennials were kids themselves, many of them had one parent at home, taking care of the children. More often than not, that parent was the mother. This is something that isn’t as common today as it was back then. Millennials understand how important it is to keep their jobs and advance at work, so they aren’t that keen on quitting when they get children. This is probably why they don’t expect schools to focus merely on their children’s academic success any more. Being at work leaves them less time to spend with their children, so they want schools to develop certain social and emotional skills in their little ones, along with the academic ones. This means that teachers and the rest of the school staff have to teach children much more than reading and writing, but also how to form bonds with others, how to develop high self-esteem and how to find a job, keep it and be able to function independently down the road.

They Do Their Research

Another thing that the previous generation of parents didn’t have and the millennials do is the instant access to information. In fact, they’re so used to it that they won’t go out and get even some of the basic everyday things like food or cosmetics without checking online reviews. Imagine how devoted they are to comparing schools and looking for the ones which are examples of good practice. They know that Finnish school system is something to strive for and they know that Australians are smart to find the most esteemed childcare Sydney has to offer. The key is the up-to-date approach to education and putting the children’s abilities and natural curiosity at the center of learning, all of which takes place in an inclusive and accepting environment. They will dig and search through the depths of the internet to find places where their children’s potential will be developed to the maximum and where their children will receive all of the attention they need.

They Are Tech-Savvy

Not only has technology become a significant part of our lives, but its influence is growing all of the time. Millennials know this and expect their children’s schools to keep up with the latest innovations. They are more likely to opt for those schools which are well-equipped with all of the high-quality devices designed to make learning more interesting, fun and interactive for their kids. Rarely will they settle for the schools which stick to the old system, with teachers using a board and chalk to transfer knowledge to their students. Millennials have surrounded their children with high tech from birth and they’re well aware of what it takes to get their kids to concentrate and what the most efficient ways to get information over to them are. Therefore, they tend to assume schools will invest in exactly the necessary technology to maintain their children’s interest in lessons.

They Aren’t Shy

Millennials are used to being loud when they want something achieved, so they’ll wreak havoc if they suspect their children have been wronged, even in the slightest. If they think for a moment that their child has been neglected in any way or if they simply believe that the school could do more for their little ones, they won’t stay quiet about it. They won’t hesitate asking about anything they want to know regarding their children’s education and they’ll also demand things for their children when they consider this necessary or justified. In addition, they’ll be equally as loud when singing praises of schools and teachers who deserve it. They know how powerful information can be and they use this to make those working in education continuously put more effort into what they do.

The current generation of modern parents is a capable one, with the wisdom and the strength to fight for what they think is the best for their children. This desire they have to provide their children with the optimal chances to succeed in life is what drives them and makes them influence the school system, so that the education their little ones receive from the youngest of age matches their highest expectations.


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