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5 Tips for Living Your Best Life in Quarantine

5 tips for living your best life in quarantine

Since the coronavirus pandemic shook the world a couple of weeks ago, millions of Americans have isolated themselves in their homes in order to self-quarantine and flatten the curve of infection.

Day after day of being alone can take its toll, especially for those who live alone. When the walls feel like they’re closing in, these five tips will help you to live your best life and find some normalcy during this troubling time.


1. Create a Routine and Stick to It

We understand that it can seem pointless to stick to a regular schedule when the world is in upheaval, but creating a daily routine will help to keep you grounded. Wake up at the same time every morning. Shower, make your bed, eat a healthy breakfast.


Make allotted times for work and play. For example, work from 9am to noon. Then, go for a jog, listen to a podcast, or play with your pooch. Creating boundaries between work time and time for yourself will help keep the hours from blurring together.


2. Expand Your Horizons

Now is the perfect time to embrace your beloved hobbies or discover new ones. Revisit your old love for houseplants and take special care to water and prune them. Or if you have a yard, take up gardening. Caring for something during a turbulent time and witnessing it thriving helps feed the soul.


3. Take an Online Course

 Instead of sleeping until 2pm and then binging on Netflix, why don’t you use this time to pursue your creative dreams? Write down your business plan, take an online course, launch your website or blog.

One way to glean inspiration is to find a Facebook group with like-minded people who share your dreams and passions. Expand your professional network and connect with others who are going after their goals while in quarantine.


4. Nurture Old Connections Digitally

This is the crux of the matter for those living alone. You’re probably missing out on human connection now more than ever before. In order to not feel alone, reach out to old friends and family members via social media or the phone. Set a designated time in your daily schedule to connect with your loved ones.


A few fun ideas to connect digitally include:

  • A virtual happy hour
  • A Netflix or YouTube watching party
  • A virtual dinner date or party


5. Stay Active

It may seem tempting to not get your daily workout in when the gyms are closed, but fitness is essential for your mental and physical well-being. You can still get out and about by taking a daily run or walk while keeping a safe distance from other.

You can also set aside time every day to watch a 30-minute YouTube fitness channel in order to get moving.

During this time of isolation, self care is critical. Follow these five tips to thrive while in quarantine.


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