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5 Practices All Working Women Can Benefit from to Feel Refreshed

5 Practices All Working Women Can Benefit from to Feel Refreshed

The truth about being a working woman is that it’s, well, work. Not only do you have to go into the office, but you also have to juggle a personal life outside of that. And, while you wouldn’t change it for anything, it can begin to feel overwhelming, or monotonous, or all of the above.

That’s why it’s your duty as a working woman to give yourself the chance to break free from the grind from time to time. There are plenty of ways to do it, and they range from quick breathers to full-on relaxation retreats. Here are five practices for you to consider, try and treat yourself to because, let’s face it, you deserve it.

1. Step Away From the Desk

It may seem as though your workload doesn’t afford you any time for a break. But it’s vital that you do give yourself a breather, even if it’s just for a chat in the kitchen with a coworker, break for lunch or stroll outside.

It turns out that these breaks will end up benefitting you in the long run. Research has shown that breaks help refresh your sense of creativity, boost productivity and can even increase your energy more than a cup of coffee. So… don’t be afraid to step away from the desk from time to time.

2. Exercise

Some days, you likely feel like the last thing you want to do after work is work out. But there are so many benefits to exercise that simply cannot be ignored, especially if you want to feel refreshed after the longest day ever.

You have plenty of options here, too. Obviously, a good cardiovascular workout will get your heart pumping, which makes you feel more energized afterward. But you can also do something a bit slower and easier on the joints: yoga. Even the gentlest of pose flows infuse your body with a very restorative energy.

The best way to experience the post-exercise buzz is to find the workout you like best and stick to it. Because, in the end, active people tend to feel more energetic overall than those who transform into couch potatoes as soon as they clock out of the office.

3. Pamper Yourself

Once you’ve finished up at the gym, you’ve clearly earned a bit of rest and relaxation. You can probably imagine how much a trip to the spa will refresh you, so no need to go into detail there.

However, it is important to consider that you might want your refreshment tour to work on the inside and the outside. While you’re at the spa, then, sign up for a skincare treatment. So many techniques and products used today have the sole purpose of rejuvenating your skin.

This is especially good news if you’re working so hard that you have dark circles under your eyes or stress-induced fine lines. With the right facial, you can make sure your efforts will be visible from the inside-out.

4. Maintain a Social Life

Your overloaded agenda is telling you that you have no time for dinner with your family or drinks with your friends. If that’s the case, you need to stare it down, tell it “no” and go anyway — the side effects of a social life are just too good to ignore.

The best thing about cultivating and maintaining a social circle is that it creates an ongoing cycle: you may or may not realize you need a break from the grind, you meet up with friends, you have a great time, you feel rejuvenated and then you make plans to do it again. Voila.

5. Journal

We’ve talked about refreshed productivity, energy levels and skin. We have yet to touch on the area of mental health, which might just be the most important when it comes to clearing your head after a long day, or week, or year at the office.

Grab a journal and start writing down your thoughts at the end of each day. You can use the pages to record all the good things that happen or write out how you plan to handle something difficult that’s come up at work. No matter what, you’ll find that journaling has an incredible list of benefits: those who do it regularly are happier, less stressed and no longer bogged down by negative thoughts. To us, that sounds refreshing.

How will you break up the workplace monotony in order to find your refreshment? Let us know if one of the above tips works for you.  

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