4 Ways to Fuel Your Creativity, Ambition, and Thirst for Success!

Every year around the Fall season I start feeling lots of FEELS….and usually those emotions are all over the spectrum. As the year starts to wind down it makes sense that we start to future trip into the New Year. Can you believe it is going to be 2020 – wowza! 

Sometimes the future trip express takes me on a journey that excites me and motivates me to keep the hustle going. But, on other occasions, the future trip express can feel like an overwhelming marathon and I question if I simply have the stamina to “do it all.” Do you feel me?

Entrepreneurship is certainly a rollercoaster ride full of twists, turns, and stomach swirling upside-down moments. Believe me, I can relate after 13 years of building my own brand and business I have certainly taken some harsh blows, failed, dusted myself off, and succeeded in many more ways than one. Ultimately, we only have ourselves to rely on and we need to seek out ways that fuel our creativity and ambition so that we can constantly reboot, evolve, and move forward stronger and better than before. 

If you’re needing more pep in your step, here are some great ways that help me fuel my creativity and ambition. ↓↓


 1. Always Be a Student: Strengthen your mind-muscle

There are so many benefits that come along with personal development and continued education. If you are currently feeling a lack of creativity or enthusiasm, then this could be the perfect place to begin. Sometimes the absolute best way to jump-start creative juices is by feeding your mind-muscle new information, new skills, or opening it up to new perspectives. I believe that personal development and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Investing time in your personal development will absolutely create more self-awareness, clarity, and motivation in life and in business. In today’s reality, technology has the workplace and all industries evolving at what feels like lightning speed. In order to fuel your confidence, ambition, and status amongst the competition zone in on what skill you want to sharpen and sign up for a weekend workshop, video training course, or one on one coach program. Leveling up personally and professionally always creates a WIN-WIN. 

2. Cross Collaboration

You may have heard the saying, “Collaboration Is Key.” Personally, I have always lived by this motto, yet I still come across many people with more of a competitive vs collaborative mindset. (Their loss) Now don’t get me wrong healthy competition is an essential part of business but refusing to collaborate could do more harm than good. In today’s digital landscape most Entrepreneurs have created some form of a Signature Traffic Builder for their brand and business. 

Your signature traffic builder might be a blog, podcast, Twitter chat, Facebook Live series, live event, email newsletter or webinar. This is the perfect opportunity to invite thought leaders, influencers or industry professionals to collaborate with your brand’s channels. 

Reach out to other professionals in your industry. Tell them you’ve created this unique, signature activation, then ask them to join you in your mission. By doing this, everyone benefits from the new collab that helps broadens your reach and gains exposure into new like-minded audiences. 

Creative and strategic collaborations could lead to new insights for yourself, your business, and for your future customers. 

3. Fuel Your Mind, Body, Soul: You Are What You Eat & Drink

Alright, how many of you are guilty of skipping meals or shoveling lunch down your throat in between a conference call and a meeting? I know I AM! After a string of health-related issues in the Summer of 2013 – I got so sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired. Everything changed one night after I was rushed to the hospital with an ovarian cyst rupture. I decided to hit the pause button and evaluate how I could create a healthier diet and a more active lifestyle being that work could have me stationary at the computer for 7 to 10 hours a day if I let it. 

My love of nutrition and wellness led me on a deeper dive where I ended up getting my health coaching certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Talk about one of the best decisions I ever made in my personal and professional development! 


Here are a few changes I made to my diet and day that absolutely helps with my focus, creativity, and stamina.

  • Suffer from brain fog? Skipping breakfast can throw off your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating. When you wake up, the blood sugar your body needs to make your muscles and brain work their best is usually low and breakfast helps kick-start the engine. So, before you get sucked into the black hole of emails do yourself a favor and reach for a high fiber breakfast smoothie, a veggie loaded green juice, or some protein and healthy fat like eggs and avocado. 


  • Sip it real good! The first thing I think about when I open my eyes in the morning is the delicious cup of coffee that I am about to indulge in. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and many health professionals believe it’s also one of the healthiest. This past August, also known as Hurricane Season for us on the East Coast, brought along a few storms that sent everyone into panic mode. Truly, when I am bracing for a power outage all I can think about is…how am I going to get my morning coffee? So, while I was frantically in Hurricane prep mode plowing down the Target isles for batteries, flashlights, and non-perishable food (Doritos), something caught my eye on the shelf. It was as if someone put it right there just so I could see it….Fitz Cold Brew Coffee from Red Diamond! What first attracted me to Fitz Cold Brew was the fact that it was packaged in a single bottle ready to grab and go, that there was a ZERO-CALORIE black flavor, and that there is 250mg of natural caffeine in each bottle, which is equivalent to 3.5 regular cups of coffee. Need I say more, I was SOLD!  After my husband and I tasted the bold smooth flavor of Fitz Cold Brew and felt the satisfying boost throughout the day with no jitters, it has become a staple in the house. Now, if black cold brew isn’t your favorite, they do have a Slightly Sweet flavor that is 50 calories and a Dark Chocolate flavor that is 70 calories. Whether you’re sipping Fitz Cold Brew at your desk or on the go, you can always rely on it to taste amazing and fuel your hustle. You can find Fitz Cold Brew Coffee and other Red Diamond products in a store near you by clicking here: Find A Store Near Me

4. Unplug to Reboot

It is definitely a challenge to set boundaries with myself and technology, especially when I work from home.  After too much time in front of the computer, I can literally start to feel my body deteriorate and my brain turns into scrambled eggs. Let’s be honest, humans were not made to sit in front of digital screens for hours and hours on end. So, with that being said, within the past year, I decided to take real action on the weekends to truly unplug and reboot. I know what you’re thinking, “she probably just turns her phone on silent or airplane mode for a few hours.” 

NOPE, I take it one step further and on weekends (that I can) and I refuse to charge my phone on Friday once I finish work. This way at some point on Friday night or Saturday when my phone dies, I truly feel off the grid, inaccessible, and wildly free. Just like we need to reboot all of our techy tools we need to reboot ourselves, our bodies, and our brains.  Ever since I started this weekend habit, I have seen an increase in my energy, I spend more time outdoors in nature, and my racing thoughts really quite down allowing me to be more present and grounded. There is such a sense of freedom when you block yourself from seeing new notifications pop up on your phone or getting sucked into the rabbit hole of social media. I hope you give this a try and I would loveee to hear what your experience was like! 

Thoughts are things…

The topics which we think about affect us more than we know and thoughts affect how we feel and subsequently how we work. The question to ask yourself is, “am I getting in my own way – am I the barrier to my own happiness, creative energy, and success?” We all have the power to take ourselves, our well-being, and our motivation into our own hands, it just starts with shifting our mindset and being open to change. 

Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back from fueling your ambition and potential! 


This blog is sponsored by Fitz Cold Brew Coffee. You can find it as well as other products from Red Diamond Coffee & Tea in a store near you by clicking here: Find A Store Near Me 



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