10 Solo Date Ideas to Try Today

10 Solo Date Ideas to Try Today

Let’s get one thing straight — it’s important to love yourself. Showing some self care can be about a lot more than pampering yourself and splurging on treats, but spending some well-intentioned time with yourself can be so beneficial for your self esteem and happiness. Who says you need a date to enjoy yourself? Perhaps the only date you need is you!

If you’re on the hunt for some fun solo dates you can try out for some quality time with yourself, here are just a few that can help you out.

1.  Take a Hike

Why not start off your afternoon with a bit of quality time in nature? Lace up your hiking boots and return to a favorite trail, or try one that’s entirely new to you. Drink in the fresh air all around!

2.  Solo Cocktail Evening

Getting drinks with someone new every night is so overrated. Why not spend a bit of time learning to make a fancy cocktail you love? Dress up, put on some music and get shaking.

3.  Spa Day

If you do need a bit of pampering, this could be the perfect solo date for you. Put on some relaxing music, tie a towel over your head, brush on a face mask and break out the nail polish, because today is all about you.

4.  Soup Night

Love the smell of a daring new recipe? Why not try out a soup night? Make a delicious Louisiana gumbo to escape somewhere new or a classic chicken noodle to take you back home. This can work as a meal prep session and a solo date.

5.  Art Night

If you’re a big fan of adult coloring pages, crafty fun and DIY projects, an art night could be the perfect solo date for you. Pour yourself a glass of wine, pick a project and let loose with it. Have a bit of artsy fun!

6.  Solo Yoga Flow

Whether you’re a bonafide yogi or you’re brand new to the breath and flow, an afternoon or evening spent tuning in to your energy and moving your body can be a great way to spend some time. Park your mat outdoors or right in your own living room.

7.  Garden Party

f you find yourself a bit of a plant parent or a total garden freak, why not spend a day digging in? Dress up in your cutest gardening shorts and take some time to plant. It can be a great mindful, calming activity.

8.  Selfie Shoot

When it comes to loving yourself, loving how you look can play a big part in the game. Even if nobody’s around, putting on your favorite outfit and striking a pose can make you feel fantastic. Dance around and have a blast — you deserve it.

9.  Rom-Com and Ice Cream

This one is a total classic, and there’s a reason why — it’s super fun to curl up with a treat and some dramatic entertainment. Whatever your favorite flavor happens to be, you can take the night off and relax.

10. Take a Soak

Speaking of relaxation — why not take a dip in the ultimate relaxation lounge, the bathtub? This is the perfect place to kick back and show yourself some care. Light some candles, use some bubble bath and really make it your own.

Solo Dates

Who says dates need to be between you and someone else? Solo dates are a perfect way to practice self care. Which solo date idea is your favorite?


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