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The World’s True Perspective Of Millennials Revealed In 8 Google Searches

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Everything is Google-able. The temperature, who is Grumpy Cat, and what’s the meaning of life are all welcomed at Because so many of us use Google on the daily, Google has become a hotbed to see what’s top of mind for the entire planet.

Google has built “autocomplete” into its search platform in order to help you find information faster and easier. Once you type even one word into the search bar, Google will try and guess, or autocomplete, your entire search phrase. These predictions appear below the bar and represent the most popular search items in the recent past.

So I decided to use this feature to find out what people are thinking about one of the most talked-about generations in our recent history—Millennials.

Here’s what I found. Trust me. Fascinating.

1. Millennials…

Millennial 1a. People are truly curious about the “characteristics” of this generation. This search demonstrates that people are trying to understand Millennials especially in relation to their conceptions of money and work.

2. Millennials are…

Millennial 2a. Cold, but pretty accurate if you’re looking for the general consensus of non-Millennials toward Millennials. People usually describe this generation as entitled and “lazy”, but this shouldn’t be news. The youngest among us has always been thought of this way. Even Socrates described young people as loving “luxury” and “chatter in place of exercise”… and that was in 400 B.C.!

b. “Screwed” is a bit harsh, but I imagine this is in reference to the current state of the global economy and the prospects for their long term careers given the changes in technology.

3. Millennials love…

Millennial 3
a. What Millennial’s love is the current holy grail for many “brands” trying to position their product or culture to net the attention of today’s largest generation.

b. Millennials do love them some music. Music festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and SXSW coupled with advances in technology have made music a lifestyle for many in this generation. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or all taking advantage of this movement by experimenting with music-focused social media experiences.

4. Millennials hate…

Millennial 4
a. Millennials can’t hate Baby Boomers. After all, some Baby Boomers are their best friends—their parents. What they do hate is an ignorant and stubborn lack of change.

b. As for hating “cars,” when you consider the ubiquity of Uber and the presence of companies like Zipcar, you can see why so many Millennials are putting off purchasing vehicles.

c. Because of the Millennials, for the the first time since the 1920s growth in U.S. cities outpaces growth outside of them. As Millennials wait longer to get married and have children, they continue to choose city life (which also fuels the no-need-for-a-car movement). 62% of Millennials indicate they prefer to live in the type of mixed-use communities found in urban centers. (Neilsen)

5. Millennials have…

millennial 5
a. Yes, statistics show that Millennials are on track to become the first generation which is not as financially stable as their parents. However, the “no future” response probably comes from perception caused by the recession, which might lead them to “have it harder” than others.

b. “No work ethic” should be reframed to “different approach to work.” Millennials are creating a world that is results-focused rather than effort-focused. They choose heart and production over face-time any day.

c. Millennials believe in the world, themselves, and above all else, change. I sure hope they keep that up considering they apparently have “no future,” according to some.

6. Millennials need…

Millennial 6
a. Feedback, feedback, feedback! Millennials need it more than most. They were raised by a world that gave “instant gratification” with no required wait, so they expect that in almost all of their encounters and relationships.

7. Millennials want…

Millennial 7
a. Cause is king for this generation. A company driven by a cause has been shown to influence 55% of Millennials job acceptance, presumably because of their common quest to “do good.”

b. Their need to “make a difference” has been showcased in new and upcoming brands such as Toms shoes, State Bags, and Warby Parker glasses. The one-for-one movement is here to stay.

8. Millennials will…

Millennial 8
a. Thank goodness for this one—“millennials will” is the only Google phrase you need to know to maintain hope.

b. No matter how much we fear, doubt, scrutinize, or publicize Millennials, we believe they will in fact “change the world.”

c. Humanity will continue to look to its youth to be the change. There’s no stopping now.

Stay focused on that hopeful “autocomplete.” Millennials just might be better positioned than ever before to “save us all.”

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