Why The Environment You Surround Yourself with Is Super Important to You and Your Future

Why The Environment You Surround Yourself with Is Super Important to You and Your Future

The environment you work in and the people you spend your time around have a huge impact on your progress as a person. Being in the right place with the right people can make all the difference in your future. If you ever find yourself questioning where you are in life that could be a sign it’s time to move on, check out the list below for just a few reasons why finding a positive environment and social circle is one of the most important things you can do for your future.

You’re Sharing Ideas

The people you work with function as sounding boards for your ideas, having a diverse work environment means there’s a collection of differently minded people who all think and function in unique ways. With a diverse team there’s more ideas being shared and information flowing. With a lack of dissenting opinions your thoughts can become stagnant, having people around who see things differently than you force you to think outside of your normal parameters. A positive work environment encourages creativity and innovation, it leaves room for everyone to feel heard and allows new ideas to flourish. Diverse groups also tend to have a better grasp on creative problem solving, working with a good team sets you up for more successful interactions every day.

You’re Building a Support Network

Having people you know you can rely on when times get tough is a pretty big deal. Knowing you can ask for support without judgement or repercussion can give you the little push you need to take on that big project that’s been scaring you. A good support network will encourage and embolden you to challenge yourself to reach your goals. Far too many people have regrets or an abundance of “what if’s” from the opportunities they never took, having a strong group of supporters gives you the confidence to attempt even your scariest dreams — that little push might be all it takes to make a huge difference in your future.

You’re Swapping Characteristics

When you spend any significant amount of time around someone you start to absorb each others mannerisms and habits. When you’re soaking up parts of other people you want to make sure the people you’re around are a positive influence. Picking up habits like keeping a bottle of water at your desk or going for a walk with coworkers on your lunch break are a positive example of behaviors to pick up, but what about negative habits? Large amounts of work stress can lead to unhappy environments, day to day struggles with getting tasks done, and although not always, there are some jobs that put you at a higher risk of substance. Since the people around you the most of hours of the day are more than likely going to be leaving some sort of imprint on you, you will want to be sure that these are positive ones.

You’re Making Connections

When it comes to success there’s one truth that can’t be denied: who you know makes all the difference. Sure, you can be successful without knowing “the right people”, but knowing them makes your path to the top much more smooth. Surrounding yourself with people who have an interest in your future is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you’re on the right path. Building strong foundations with people who can benefit you has no downside. It never hurts to have friends in high places, you’ll need references later on.

You Spend Tons of Time There

Working 9-5 for five days a week really adds up, whether or not you realize it you’re spending a pretty substantial amount of time at work. Liking where you work and who you work with makes a major difference when it comes to stress levels and overall happiness. If the relationships, you’re forming aren’t mutually beneficial you’ll find yourself feeling drained. The mental cost of interactions should always factor into which environments and social circles you dedicate your time to. A good environment should energize you, not empty you. Feeling apathetic about your current situation is a clear sign it’s time to move onto greener pastures.

Whether it’s a work environment or your weekend social circle where you spend your time matters. Having a healthy and positive mindset influenced by diverse opinions takes you a long way towards your ultimate goal of success. Never underestimate the value of good energy and a healthy environment, the right attitude is always a key to success.

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