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What you must do today to live the life you want

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People often talk about defining what you want to do with your life, but the focus is always on work. Rarely do we discuss the everyday moments – how you want to wake up, what you want to eat, where you want to go and at what time, and who you really want to be around.

We live in this imaginary land of “should” – you should drink a green smoothie for breakfast, exercise at the gym 3 days a week, achieve your Bachelor’s degree, turn the TV off an hour before bedtime, and end work at 5pm.  Should I keep going?

The truth is, you can do anything you really want today. You do not have to work certain hours, or eat certain foods, or wake at a certain time. Everything about this day can be designed according what you really want.

We live in this glorious place called the Universe, and we are designed to create the precise life we want within it.

In order to design a life you want, you must design many days that you want.

When you preach to yourself, or conform to others who preach to you, that there is a specific time you must be at work to be successful, or a specific breakfast you must eat to be healthy, or a specific education you must receive to be intelligent, you surrender your ability to just exist in the world at the unique and brilliant human you were meant to be.

The blessing of our generation is our continued defiance of what others tell us we must do. We have changed the expectations of marriage, education and career. Now it’s time to defy what the world tells you that you have to do today, and do what you actually want to do.


If you could do, have or be anything today, what might it be?

By doing what you want today, you align yourself fully with the life you want to live. Decide on one single thing you want, and go for it today.

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