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Uncovering Your Personal Style

Uncover Your Personal Style

Miley Cyrus showed us the power in doing so. Pharrell continues to raise the bar on himself (re: the recent hype on his big ‘ol hat). Gwen Stefani proves that motherhood and aging does not have to hamper the ability to do so. I’m talking about uncovering one’s personal style.

When was the last time you truly evaluated your wardrobe? It’s 2014, and now more than ever, is a great time to shed the heaviness of poor or so-so fashion choices and wearing the pieces that really make you pop! I’ve recently returned from New York Fashion Week and, despite the ridiculously cold weather, the inspiration of street style and designer runway shows built on my belief that there is a place in the world for all of us to express ourselves through unique styles.  We all have the ability to communicate our personality through select fashion, but I realize that the simple of act of getting started can be challenging for many. So to help you get on the road to rediscovery, here are some pointers that could inspire you:

Print is NOT dead: Despite the fact that the Internet rules our world, print fashion magazine are still worth subscribing to. There are fantastic editorial spreads to study. You’ll learn about new brands and possibly find some encouragement from layouts that show how to wear the same item more than way.

 Go to the mall without an agenda: Forget for a sec about the stores you feel most comfortable in. Try a new spot! If you walked by and were blown away by the mannequin styling, head in and soak up what they have to offer. Can’t afford their pieces? No biggie – get inspiration and then head out to your fave stores and see what similar pieces you can purchase to complete your dream look.

 People-watch: Strangers on the subway are inspiring. Little girls wearing their at-home, dress-up outfits in public make me happy (their confidence is amazing!). The couple in the park wearing complementary shades of color can be interesting. You don’t have to look very far to get new ideas.

 Shop vintage: Pre-worn items (when in great condition!) can be exciting to get your hands on! One-of-a-kind, old designer pieces for less really offer a nice classic, quality vibe to your wardrobe. Every city has some hot spots!

 Uncovering your personal style does not have to mean copying someone else’s. It means finding inspiration and then applying that to your own wardrobe. Now is the time to effectively and authentically tell your story without having to speak a word. Let the sidewalk be your runway and work it!



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