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Treading Lightly In An Uncertain New World- How To Shift Your Mindset



Even a futurist has to adjust to new normals. Like most people, Brian Fanzo could not envision a world upheaval that has sucked dry his business as a keynote speaker — months of events canceled.

Chelsea Krost is also not immune. The leading millennial expert, top-rated marketing and brand strategist sees a wide open calendar with projects put on hold.

During her #MillennialTalk Twitter chat, Krost and Fanzo talked about the new world and how people can set themselves up for success during uncertain times churning with fear and anxiety.

“Accept that we are in a period of unknown,” Krost said. “Lean into where you have to pivot personally and professionally. Have patience with yourself. Practice self-care. Take purposeful action.

“Check in with yourself daily to honor your feelings,” she said. “Ask if the stories in your head are true. Sometimes our own thoughts can get the best of us. This period we are living in is a true mental test.”

Fanzo advocates taking charge.

“When we understand that we can’t control the unknown — but we can control what we do, who we care about and the things we prioritize — it shifts the control back in our favor,” he said.

“We must shift our focus by identifying what we fear, owning the fact that we are scared and finding ways to adapt our perspective, prioritizing the things that we can control,” Fanzo said.

He is resolved to push ahead.

“Together we will get through this,” Fanzo said. “I remind myself daily that I’m not scared of failure or the unknown — not because it won’t happen and it doesn’t suck. Rather, I know I will never settle for it. We will get through this and create a new normal.

“Acceptance takes time, perspective and a willingness to be OK with the past being in the past and the future being new and different,” he said.

Unprecedented creativity

Fanzo compared the change in cultural norms to his most familiar profession.

“We in marketing use the term ‘unprecedented’ pretty often, and today’s world is unprecedented,” he said. “Nobody was prepared, and nobody wants this. Sadly, this also causes some to be selfish and others to live in denial.

“We have to be strategic and creative with how we approach others,” Fanzo said. “Many don’t like being told what to do. Hell, I hate it. To reach others, we have to focus on teaching, encouraging and not letting up.”

Doubters demand proof, which could lead to bad outcomes.

“Too many people won’t believe the threat until it impacts someone they love or know, and by that time it’s too late,” Fanzo said. “We can only help those willing to be helped.”

The vastness of the problem is hard to grasp.

“By now, everyone has heard of the dangers,” Krost said. “It’s bigger than whether you or I get it. This affects everyone around us who could be potentially exposed. It is about the bigger picture and stopping the spread. No one is off limits here.

“If staying at home is giving you cabin fever, maybe my Rainbow Reality Method: 7 Steps to your Mindset Reset could help,” she said. “I have been working on this collaboration for months.”

Fanzo and Krost took a hard look at the present with its acts of kindness and gazed at the future, thankful for new opportunities. See more of what they found here.


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