Just as all of us were getting comfortable in the gig economy, COVID-19 crept in, and many rapidly came to the realization that what felt solid as a rock was more like shifting sand. The amazingly interconnected world has helped create phenomenal opportunities for people who might have had less access to traditional jobs or simply need more flexible working conditions.


The autonomy and space to create personal brand equity has endowed gig workers with a real feeling of control over their own destinies, but as speaking engagements, conferences, and contracts fizzle with the onset of a global pandemic, many may begin to experience doubt about the sustainability of this model of work.


So, what are the tricks for staying creative, sane, and healthy? First, it’s important to remember that every day presents new opportunities.




When things feel awful, uncertain, or even depressing it is vital to keep perspective. The networks and followers that you had yesterday are still there today. It’s time to think of what small steps you can take to continue to engage, maintain, and grow them. A new contract or gig could literally be a matter of clicks away. Now is the time to use every bit of creativity and verve you can muster to imagine the reality you want most.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but all of this social distancing can be a real drag. When you start thinking that the only time you might get dressed is for a Zoom call, it’s time to discuss the often talked about, but much neglected subject of self care. And, no, this doesn’t mean dropping everything to slap on a sheet mask, and you know you can’t just leave the house for a much needed massage.


Let’s get serious about small rituals you can institute today to start tomorrow’s work day ready to play the edge? Selecting a positive new habit to begin, end or even break up your days that gives each one a sense of personal consistency can help more than you may realize at this moment.


If you were to ask almost every wildly successful person you know, they would probably tell you that they engage in at least one regular habit that clears their head or powers their creativity. Sure, meditating, running, or simply waking up early might be common answers but there are so many others.


Consider the daily sketch or daily drawing—both are amazing right brain cultivators. Develop accountability by posting your results on a platform like Instagram where there are millions of posts from daily doodlers.


Journaling is kind of the OG of the daily rituals world, but it has to tell us something that writers, artists, and people of all walks have explored their lives on paper for centuries. It’s still a strong way to look back on how your thoughts filtered down to the page in a way that allows objectivity even if it’s at a later date.


Whatever you choose, marking each day with meaning is a strong way to stay fresh and cultivate the will to get much more constructive work done each day. There is never a shortage of ways to stay busy, but it’s in identifying and pursuing the things that are the best use of your energy which will fuel your career even when times feel hard.


About Olivia Hatcher

-Olivia Hatcher is an accomplished consultant specializing in creative marketing and advertising solutions for organizations of all sizes. For almost 20 years, she has worked with companies in executive sales, advertising, marketing, and public relations. She is also a certified yoga instructor with more than 500 hours of practical training, and has 10 years of studio teaching experience. Olivia is passionate about integrating mind-body work into corporate culture to keep enterprises energized and mindful. Follow Olivia on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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