5 Things Millennials Expect From Great Conference Rooms

When people used to talk about millennials, it used to be about all the things they were changing. Teenage millennials wanted smartphones over flip phones, constant access to Wi-Fi and a hipster coffee shop around every corner. As they grew up, they changed the world and launched it into the society everyone knows today, especially […]

5 Crucial Mistakes for Millennials to Avoid When Selling A Home

Millennials Selling Home

  Selling your home is a big deal, especially if you don’t have any previous experience in it. It can be a tricky process, and there is more to it than simply sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign out front. There are many tips and tricks for millennial homebuyers, but what with some of those 37% who […]

Millennials’ Love-Hate Relationship with Old-Fashioned Jobs

All the eyes of the business world are looking at Millennials, a generation that leaves nobody indifferent. While some praise them for their ambition and entrepreneurial spirit, others believe that they don’t have what it takes to meet the standards of the previous generations. However, what Baby Boomers fail to realize is that the standards […]

How Millennials Will Affect the Home Improvement Industry

During the Great Recession, the housing market took a hit and has been slowly recovering. Many millennials are now becoming homeowners and will be making waves in the home improvement industry. As the largest living generation now in the workforce (surpassing boomers), home improvement companies must understand the impact of millennials in the industry to […]

8 Mistakes Millennials Should Watch Out For When Freelancing

Technology has changed and continues to change the way we live today. From the way we communicate to the way we travel, it has transformed not only our lives but the way various industries work as well. It has certainly made a lot of things easier such as finding information and jobs, paving the way […]

Uber and Lyft Business Lessons Learned From A Millennial Driver

Millennials Uber and Lyft

The past six months I have ventured into the world of being a driver for both Uber and Lyft. It has been a great experience, especially since it started out as a way to pay for commuter gas but in reality, it has taught me a lot about people, business and the value of networking. […]