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5 Things Millennials Expect From Great Conference Rooms

When people used to talk about millennials, it used to be about all the things they were changing. Teenage millennials wanted smartphones over flip phones, constant access to Wi-Fi and a hipster coffee shop around every corner. As they grew up, they changed the world and launched it into the society everyone knows today, especially in the workforce.

Millennials are one of the largest generations in the workforce today. They’re hiring each other and shifting the business world to modernize it. It’s smart for businesses with mainly older employees to start looking at their companies and rethinking how they’ve always done things. Start with something simple, like the physical setup of your office building.

Connect with young people better by reading about the five things millennials expect from great conference rooms. Setting up a conference room a little differently will welcome younger employees and show them you hear what they want. It opens an immediate, healthier dialogue and leads to more exceptional communication and company loyalty.

1. Extra Window Space

Young people don’t enjoy the idea of a regular nine to five job any more than anyone else who would rather be on vacation or doing their hobbies. If they’re interviewing for a job in a conference room with little to no windows, they’ll immediately feel trapped in the building.

Figure out which parts of your office have the most extra window space and designate that area as the conference room space. It helps people relax when they sit down for meetings and enjoy the office more, no matter which generation they’re from.

2. Sustainable Lighting Features

Millennials pay attention to how their lifestyle affects the environment. They’ll consider the lighting in a conference room and wonder if it’s sustainable. If it’s not, they won’t want to use that room and be less likely to support a company that doesn’t think about the environment.

The younger generation has given the all-natural and sustainable industries new life. Nearly 75% will change what they buy to live a greener lifestyle. When you put that motivation and passion to the test against their willingness to switch jobs more than previous generations, it’s understandable that not using green alternatives in an office space such could persuade young people to book a room or work elsewhere.

3. Dedicated Space for Snacks

The rising cost of living and stagnant average wages make it hard for millennials to enjoy the same quality of life as their parents did at their age. If they have the opportunity to work where there are free snacks, they’ll jump at the chance because free food helps them save money.

A good conference room will dedicate a space for snacks with a mini-fridge or snack tray. Keep it filled so food is always available and mix up their options. Change out candy bars for healthy fruit or sustainable snacks to catch the attention of young people.

4. Conference Tables With Added Features

Technology is an integral part of everyday life, but especially for millennials. They need access to their phones or laptops when they sit down to work. Not being able to charge their electronics makes any conference room feel like a useless space.

Employers can always design a custom conference table to add accessible outlet plugs. Have them built into the table with concealed compartments or hollow out space for wireless charging pads.

5. Updated Presentation Tech

Young people are still developing their self-confidence, so technical errors due to outdated equipment during a presentation will permanently turn them away from a conference room. Install updated tech like smart TVs or boards to inspire innovation. Millennials will feel welcomed and ready to go whenever they need to meet up and work.

Always Stay Flexible

These are some of the major trends millennials want from conference rooms, but these can always change in the future. Do what you can now to update your workspace and stay flexible for future needs. Millennials, like anyone, want to be heard and cared for. Show them that your conference room is a place to do that by updating your conference rooms with these tips.


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