How to go from a Disengaged Millennial to a 6 Figure Professional

Who is Michel Falcon? In 2004, I enrolled in university to earn my bachelor’s degree. For the first two years, I struggled and barely passed my courses. In fact, I failed my first economics class and possibly another one I can’t remember. Amongst other things, I struggled because my social life exceeded the effort I […]

ObamaCare Tips for Millennials

This week on The Chelsea Krost Show, tax and small business expert  Ebong Eka helped us to demystify some of the issues and facts surrounding ObamaCare and Millennials. He spoke about the 3 C’s of  Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has taken a legislative and political beating. Many political pundits believe […]

3 Tips for Small Business success in the New Year

3 Tips for Small Business success in 2013. 1.   Take advantage of Social Media to the fullest.  Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin, are incredible networking tools that can help promote your business and gain a following. These social networking sites can attract consumers, other brands, and important people who can significantly help […]