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3 Tips for Small Business success in the New Year

3 Tips for Small Business success in 2013.

1.   Take advantage of Social Media to the fullest.  Websites like
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin, are incredible networking
tools that can help promote your business and gain a following. These
social networking sites can attract consumers, other brands, and
important people who can significantly help your business grow. Social
media is not going away anytime soon; the time is now to start
building a following in social media. This helped sales of my book,
NINETEEN, and listener ratings for my radio show, The Chelsea Krost

2.   Explore getting Foursquare, Shopkeep, or Intuit for your small
business. You can expect benefits like these if you include this tips
into your small business: less expensive than a cash register, takes
up less space in a small area, helps organize payroll, allows you to
make a transaction on the go, keeps record of your transaction. can
track personal expenses, environmentally friendly (emails receipts),
compatible with smartphones, Ipad, and tablet.

3.   Find your niche and custom tailor it to fit your business brand
message. If your start a bakery, clothing shop, health food store, or
dog walking business, create something unique within your service that
will separate you from rest. Invest your time, money, and energy into
your marketing strategy and graphic designer so that you have a
stellar website, logo, business card, and social media presence that
is all-coherent and eye catching. People will choose your service over
your competitor if you have a better following on social media sites
and a constantly update your website with great content.





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