6 Easy Strategies for Staying Hydrated at Work

6 Easy Strategies for Staying Hydrated at Work

Whether you work at a job you love or just one that pays the bills, it’s easy to have days or even weeks where time flies by. When you get busy and have a never-ending to-do list, hydration is probably the last thing you think about. Some people may even prefer not to stay hydrated, […]

8 Industries Millennials Are Totally Shaking Up

The boomer generation gives millennials a bad rap, but a closer examination makes it easier to dismiss such criticisms as mere fear of change. Millennials exercise incredible innovation and have done much to change the world for the better. One such arena experiencing the millennial revolution is the workplace. Not content to be cogs in […]

Finding a Work Environment That Works For You

By Susie Concannon I’m a career breaker. Almost two years ago, after finally deciding that working in healthcare administration was not for me, I made the scary terrifying decision to jump ship and follow my passion. I started a blog and took an internship in social media which all lead to a great digital marketing […]