6 Easy Strategies for Staying Hydrated at Work

6 Easy Strategies for Staying Hydrated at Work

Whether you work at a job you love or just one that pays the bills, it’s easy to have days or even weeks where time flies by. When you get busy and have a never-ending to-do list, hydration is probably the last thing you think about. Some people may even prefer not to stay hydrated, […]

8 DIY Stress Relief Projects to Get You Through Monday

8 DIY Stress Relief Projects

If Mondays are your least favorite day of the week, you’re not alone. However, you won’t dread going to work once you utilize some stress-killing techniques. You may wonder what you can do at your desk to relieve strain without distracting from your work. Luckily, handy stress relievers exist, and if you’re on a budget, […]

Why Physical Activity Improves Mental Health

When we think about treating mental health disorders, the first image that might pop into our heads is a bottle of antidepressants. Americans are accustomed to solving anything that ails us with a pill for this and a pill for that. Struggling with depression, get some Prozac. Anxiety issues, get some Xanax. This pill-popping mentality […]