6 Tips for Effectively Telling Your Brand Story Over Email

Email is, in no doubt, the most effective marketing channel for businesses, always has been. It offers you a unique opportunity to engage with potential clients whenever you want, and talk about whatever you want. However, to effectively connect with your audience, you’ll have to reach out to them on a much deeper level. And […]

7 Steps to Creating a Freelance Brand

7 Steps to Creating a Freelance Brand

With the slow saturation of freelance platforms such as Upwork, 99designs, and Fivver, freelancers have begun building their own independent brands. Whether you have experience as a writer or a blogger or simply want to start a freelance career from scratch, creating your own brand isn’t as easy as it seems.  However, starting from the […]

Shift Your Focus: What’s the Best Way for Leveraging B2B Influencer Marketing

Leveraging B2B Influencer Marketing

Marketing and advertising are crucial for any kind of business, which is a reason why new types of marketing approaches appear and the existing approaches are constantly evolving. The demands of the industry change and so does marketing. Modern consumers always have many options to choose from, so the purpose of marketing is to not […]

How the Use of Artificial Intelligence Can Change Human Resources

The introduction of artificial intelligence into the workplace has had drastic consequences for several industries, and not even the most human-centric are immune. Using Artificial Intelligence as a tool for managing human resource departments has its advantages, and although people are still the backbone of organizations, the technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds, […]

How Brands Benefit Using Augmented Reality

Benefits of Brands Using Augmented Reality

Imagine a world of mind-blowing possibilities made possible by a sync of the digital world with the real world surroundings. Imagine the possibility of touring an apartment without moving an inch in the physical world or putting on a pair of jeans without squeezing into the actual product. These imaginations have been made real by […]

Using Microblogging To Ramp Up Conversions

Microblogging for Conversations

  So you have executed your digital marketing strategy, but ultimately those things you need most, conversions, are not stacking up. Conversions are the lifeblood of any online business, and continued investment in marketing approaches just won’t be possible if engagements don’t soon start becoming something more tangible to the bottom line.  Fear not, because […]