So You Want To Go Into Business? Five Things That They Just Won’t Tell You!

You have come to the place where you have figured out exactly what you want to do with your startup. You’ve kept track of the expenses, you have a location for your flagship store (if this applies), your website is up and running. The majority of your legwork has been completed, and you are well on your way! Feel like something is missing? That’s because it is. You still have to apply common sense to any situation, and here are five things that they “just won’t tell you”:


  1. You really have to go out and “get it” yourself. Let’s say that you haven’t gotten to the place in the scenario above, and you are looking around at other businesses that seem to take flight “overnight”. It may appear that things are “handed” to some people, but you don’t know the work that was put in behind the scenes. Yes, there are some instances where opportunities are “gifted” to others; it may have something to do with a consistent pattern of hard work being displayed. Your work ethic alone can be what’s making or even breaking you. Go out and get it! Fact: those “overnight success” stories that you see? They take years. Nothing happens overnight!
  2. Networking doesn’t just happen at “networking events”. You have to connect with people (sometimes) right where they are! Start joining Twitter chats; pay attention to brands that you would like to link up with, while you’re aimlessly scrolling through Instagram; strike up a conversation with the people that frequent your favorite eatery or coffee shop. Make things happen, because no one is going to do it for you!
  3. Listen more. I have friends who have been in business much longer than I haveBIG business at that. When they speak on life or business matters, I listen intently. Some information won’t apply to me; so I extract from it what does or will apply, and I attach that to my journey. There’s no way that you know everything there is to know, but I guarantee you that we all have two ears and one mouth for the same reason: Listen More!
  4. Building business relationships is very importantthey are just not worth sacrificing your self-respect. If you let them, they will use you. If you do not charge your worth, you will feel as if you constantly “owe”. Genuine relationship building comes when two parties care for the best interest of each other. Yes, even in business. You won’t be friends with everyone you do business with, which isn’t a bad thing. But there will be mutuallet me repeatmutual respect. Start there! Take a look into the relationships that you have now, and see just how much respect exists. Why hold on if there is none?
  5. Go to sleep! Seems so elementary, right? Wrong. You would certainly be surprised at the number of business owners who feel that “running on fumes” means that they are truly grinding. When you are ripping and running like that with little to no rest, you will typically consume “almost anything”. You may take in more coffee than you should, fast food becomes a new “best friend”, weight gain occurs (or unhealthy weight loss), there will be potential memory loss, maybe slacking on your workout routine, and much more. Rest rejuvenates you for the next activity, and is also great for your brain. Question: how will you be able to successfully run your business if you are always tired, under the weather, or (even worse) hospitalized? You will never be effective if you aren’t FIRST taking care of yourself. So pleaseget the proper amount of rest.

I look forward to seeing new businesses, the glitz and glamour of success, and the smiles of the owners! But, I’m more interested in what it took to get them there, as those make for the best motivators. You can do anything that you are willing to put the work in to do; make sure that with every move you make, you are also applying common sense!

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Lauran Smith is Founder, CEO and Principal Publicist at PRbyELLE77, a public relations firm focused specifically on “Social Media” management services. She is known as “The Social Media Lady” in various circles, and has worked with some of the world’s most elite professionals and celebrities.

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    Love Love Love!!! Great advice for us newbies. Very straightforward and to the point! Great Job Hun!!

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