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Set a new goal & everything falls apart. Why?

Goal setting

The moment that you set a new goal for your life, the Universe begins it’s work, making the change as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

In the process, a few things happen that are often misunderstood, and I’ve outlined 3 truths for you below so you can continue on your goal reaching journey without letting those obstacles stop you.

Truth #1. The Universe’s first step is to dismantle everything.

The process for creating change in your life is similar to re-organizing your closet. At the beginning, everything is a mess… socks are in the underpants drawer, sweaters are mixed with tank tops & pants of every kind are thrown on the top shelf in disarray.

For things to be ordered in a way that you desire, it’s easier to remove everything and reorganize from scratch.

When you set a new goal, everything seemingly falls apart in your life, but it’s actually just being dismantled temporarily so that it can be reorganized precisely the way you want it.

The more that you try to repair what is being dismantled, or hold on to the things that need to go, the longer the process will take.

Here’s an affirmation to hold you over while the Universe reorganizes things:

I choose to appreciate that the Universe has heard my desire. This dismantling & removing process is just the first step towards my goal achieved!

Truth #2. Everything unlike your goal becomes painfully obvious.

If you have set a goal to release some body weight, you may have experienced that painful feeling of seeing dessert for the first time. You may not even like dessert that much, but after 7 days of eating salads & lean protein, your body seems to be screaming for some self-serve frozen yogurt.

Nothing about your taste buds (or cravings) have actually changed over the last 7 days, it’s simply that what once was a fleeting thought about yogurt is now profoundly different from your new goal. So, it’s not just a whisper anymore, it’s a scream.

This obviousness is actually there to help you.

When you commit to making a change, the Universe brings to light everything that is unlike it so that you can address it and remove it from your life forever.

This includes thoughts, people & places that are not serving your new goal.

Here’s an affirmation to help you get through those seemingly unbearable moments of heightened cravings for all things not supportive of your goal:

Today, I choose to let you be fleeting, little thought, and I choose to stick with my plan. You might make today a little more painful, but you will not stop me from achieving my goal.

Truth #3. The Universe will double check that you want the change.

Whenever you commit to changing something about your life, all other options seem to appear. For example, if you desire to focus just on your business instead of other part time jobs, it’s typical for lots of part time options to present themselves.

Once you state a new goal, opportunities to stay put (or similar to your old life) arise because the Universe is double checking with you. It is asking, “I’m starting to make that change in your life, so I just want to double check, are you sure that this is what you want?”

Every time that you affirm, “Yes, this is what I want,” the Universe will remove the old options and replace them with new opportunities that align with your new goal.

Here’s an affirmation to help you remember that your goals are possible right now, even though other options might feel safer:

Universe, I appreciate your double checking. Just to clarify, here is a reminder of exactly what I want to occur in my life: (restate what you really want here).

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