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Recap- How to Unleash Your Inner Leader with The Hartford

How to unleash your Inner leader recap post

How to unleash your Inner leader recap post

Last week’s Twitter Chat on leadership was incredibly inspiring and came at the perfect time as we wind down 2015 and welcome the New Year! Thanks to The Hartford’s 2015 Millennial Leadership Survey, we found that Millennials are craving more leadership training in the workplace.

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Workplace expert and best-selling author Lindsey Pollak and I teamed up to empower participants with resources, action steps, and expert advice on how to “Unleash Your Inner Leader.”

Take a look below for the highlights from our #Millennialtalk chat last week.

Q1: Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. But does #GenY want to lead? #MillennialTalk

Q1A1 Millennials certainly want to lead. Our definition of leading may be different than past generations. #MILLENNIALTALK” @ChelseaKrost

Lindsey Pollak
Q2: Not all Millennials are the same. What does that mean forleadership?#MillennialTalk

Q2A1: Today’s generation is incredibly collaborative, which may result in us defining leadership differently. We value partnership. #MILLENNIALTALK” @ChelseaKrost


Q3. New Year could mean a new job. Any tips for Millennials looking for a new job or leadership role? #Millennialtalk

Q3A1: I took on a true leadership role by co-founding @Thempulse in 2015 and it has been the scariest & most rewarding endeavor thus far in my career! #MILLENNIALTALK@ChelseaKrost


Q4: Any tips for Millennials looking for a new job or leadership role? #MillennialTalk

Q4A1: Experience is everything. I suggest you learn, absorb, network as much as you can in the field before you start your own Entrepreneurial endeavor! There is no time like the new year to start fresh and re-vamp your resume to see what other opportunities are out there. #MillennialTalk @ChelseaKrost


Q5: Where are you looking for that new job or leadership role? #MillennialTalk


Q6: Any tips on how to take your #career to the next level in 2016? #MillennialTalk

Q6A1: My advice for future #leaders is to step up! Don’t wait to be asked  @LindseyPollak #MillennialTalk


Q7: Are you getting #leadership training at work that you want or need? #MillennialTalk


Q8: What other training do you think #Millennials need to be great leaders? #MillennialTalk


Q9: How important is #mentoring to you as an employee and as a leader? #MillennialTalk

LIndsey Pollak

Q10: How did you find a #mentor? And any tips on how to finding mentoring moments? #MillennialTalk


If you’re interested in learning more about leadership and advancing your career, visit www.thehartford.comtomorrow.



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