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6 Nutritional Tips for Eating Healthy During a Pandemic

Nutritional Eating During Pandemic

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the course of our lives and the way we do things. However, we need to understand how important it is to keep our mental and physical health in shape. Really, there is a lot of anxiety and panic attacks we can avoid if we really take simple measures to eating healthy. Below are some helpful nutritional tips to boost sound health:

Limit Your Sugar Intake

Sugars generally are anxiety boosters. Apart from encouraging weight gain, it is possible to get tense and uptight when there is a lot of sugar in the blood. When it comes to treats and junk foods, there is a lot of sugar content contained in them. Sometimes, it is okay to give ourselves treats, but on the flip side, it is important to know the limit to put on it.

Take Nourishing Meals

In stressful times like this, it is necessary to take meals that add nutritional values to us. Nourishing meals do not have to be expensive, but they should contain the vital nutrients that our bodies need to fight infections and keep our immune system up and running efficiently. Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and drinking enough water to keep the body hydrated does the body a whole lot of good. According to the CDC, whole foods, leafy vegetables and fruits contain fiber, minerals and the vitamins needed to stay healthy. Besides, good foods help us to sleep better and manage stress.

Meal Plans

Although our lifestyle has been changed by the pandemic, it has also given us more time to pay attention to the things that really matter. Of these is planning out meals. Before going on a grocery shopping, itemize foods that are healthy. Avoid caffeine and include more vegetables in your meals. Also opt for whole grains like brown rice and oats rather than refined grains to help the digestive system function properly. These are filling foods that would stem overeating and weight gain. As much as getting the right dietary content is important, so should eating at regular intervals stay on top of daily schedules. Note that the amount of food intake need not be in large quantity, but should be worth it.

Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables Properly

The WHO encourages everyone to take precautionary measures when preparing meals. The hygienic practices to be followed should be more painstaking to limit the spread of the virus. After a visit to the grocery store, take some time to wash your hands before touching any food item. Afterwards, wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with clean water.

Cook Thoroughly

Raw foods such as meat may contain some living organisms which are really bad for health. To eliminate them, food needs to be subjected to heat and steam. The WHO has advised that food be cooked thoroughly to ensure that what goes into the body is safe. In our food choices, preference should be for foods that can be cooked, in order to eliminate toxins and boost the immune system.

Sleep and Exercise 

To enhance the effectiveness of nutritional foods, sleeping well and exercising regularly helps to keep active lifestyles during the pandemic. Lockdowns that have been imposed in many countries naturally encourage sedentary lifestyles such as watching TV and less physical activity. This can be detrimental to health because it may slow us down or gravely impact our mental health. Exercises and good sleep are great boosts to mental health and the immune system. The US National Institute of Health (NIH) supports this by stating that sleep is vital to the activation of the body’s defense system. As such, the CDC also encourages people between the age range of 18 and 60 years old to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

When COVID-19 restrictions necessitate staying at home, alternative methods of staying active and keeping fit can be adopted. This includes push-ups, skipping, sit-ups, walking on treadmills, exercising the limbs on elliptical machines (for those who have gym machines) and so on.

In conclusion, consistency is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Take advantage of these trying times to pay more attention to what you eat, how you eat, and when you eat. Reach out to health and nutritional experts around you for more clarification and stay connected. The quality of lives we live depends on how consistent we are with health practices.


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