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#MillennialTalk Recap: How To Master Webinars with Amy Porterfield

There is no denying that Webinars have taken the digital marketing world by storm. Many marketers are reporting that webinars have some of the highest conversion rates of anything they do.

So, what makes webinars so effective and how can you use them to create profitable growth into your business you may ask?

Well, when I think about Webinars, only ONE person comes to mind, the Webinar Queen herself, Amy Porterfield. If your thinking of launching or creating your first webinar in the New Year, this RECAP is for you!

During this weeks #MillennialTalk Twitter Chat, we spoke with Amy about “How To Master Webinars.” We discussed how webinars can be applied to business practices, what to do before launching your 1st webinar, how to pick the perfect topic, and so much more!

Get ready for it… Scroll down for a recap of this weeks Q&A:

@ChelseaKrost: Why Webinars Are Great For Every Business:

  • Deliver value to your audience
  • Collect email leads for retargeting
  • Can sell offer/product
  • Great for content marketing
  • Position/establish expertise

I’m going to kick us off with this BIG BOLD statement that I truly believe (and witnessed countless times online!): There is nothing more powerful, profitable, and scalable than a well-executed webinar strategy. A well-done webinar can get your message out into the world — in a MAJOR way — and allow you to do the work you were born to do. Webinars are unique in that they allow you to give immense value thru teaching before you ever sell anything. Selling becomes effortless because it is part of the conversation. When done right, what you are selling becomes the “next logical step” for your tribe.

@BrainBlenderTec: Now webinars are a great way for staff to learn on their own time & wherever they are ??

: Before you launch your first webinar, you’ll want to to have something to sell. What sells the best on webinars? A digital course! By creating a digital course, you can escape the time-for-$ trap, and you’ll have the freedom to say “no” to clients that don’t feel 100% aligned w/ you.

Instead of selling 1-to-1, webinars allow you to sell to many, scaling your biz more quickly. Selling services? As long as you put together an offer or package to sell, webinars are also a great way to reach a highly-targeted pool of people who actually NEED your services right now—they just need you to tell them what, why you, and how much. 

@ArtistCarlosEExpect to bring up a lot of strategic plans for your webs, create a set of goals to showcase what your job is offering as part of webinars, and begin to Type (Or Write) what you’ll explain to the audience in webinars.

@OfficialMaleeka: Before someone teaches a webinar, they should be able to showcase a proven result of a successful outcome of whatever they are teaching. I believe you can only teach what you know, not what you guess. There is value in KNOWING!


@ChelseaKrost: Before you pick your webinar topic, consider this : “webinar audiences prefer attending webinars that run between 30 and 40 minutes long.”

: Launching with webinars can be a lot of work. There are a lot of moving parts with webinars when you do them right! However, if you know the moving parts in advance, and you can anticipate the flow of your launch, you can pull it off with ease and success.

Step 1: Choose a topic that will entice your audience. More on that in just a bit!

Step 2: Create your webinar slide deck. I suggest 60-80 slides for a 1-hour webinar. Yes, I know that’s a lot – but it’s a MUST. In the past, I would load a bunch of content into every slide. Sometimes I’d have only 20-30 slides for a 60-minute webinar! What happened was that nobody was actually listening to me. Instead, they were multitasking because I lost their attention. Not good! You can’t just depend on your voice for the energy in a webinar. You need to keep the slides moving to create a dynamic flow that keeps your audience interested. Less info on each slide is best – while you keep the slides moving quickly! 

Step 3: Focus on filling up your webinar with quality registrants. My favorite strategy? Multiple FB Lives with the call-to-action to sign up for your free webinar. (Plus FB Lives are AWESOME for a retargeting strategy!)

@charumisra: Research! Like you mentioned there’s so many elements, but if there’s no strategy behind it, they might not give you the ROI you had in mind. Find out what your audience prefers and go from there.

: A great webinar topic needs to set the hook for your audience by being: IRRESISTIBLE (your audience can’t pass it up), RELEVANT (it answers a specific need) and ACTIONABLE (it gives them something to do that will bring results right now).  A great webinar topic will make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. Focus on just ONE THING in your webinar and then support it with tips, insights, and strategies to make it come alive. Great webinars solve a problem. Answer your audience’s biggest questions: “What’s in it for me?” and “How is this going to help me?” Make your promise irresistible, relevant, and actionable. 

@charumisraGo directly to your source! Ask your audience what they’d be interested in. This will also help with participation because your community will feel involved and valued

@WheelerCFBOnce again I would say know the pain points of your audience. They will pay a premium if you could solve them.

I love a good niche. The more specific, the better. When your offer is for everyone, it’s for NO ONE. Get clear on who you want to attract with your offer and make sure to communicate “what’s in it for them” in your webinar. Focus on your ideal avatar’s pain points and challenges. Start there and then create an offer to help them get the results they need. Your offer should help your avatar get from point A to point B as fast as possible.

The more specific, the better! Some of best student success stories are from those that created a digital course for a VERY specific niche and then did webinars to sell. Here’s one of my favs:

@tschill86: Finding a specific niche helps you narrow down your marketing and carefully craft a message that speaks to your dream customer. It helps you get more specific with the problem you solve and lead to higher conversions.

True! A well-designed webinar includes not just a stellar slide deck presentation, but it also includes stellar email marketing and a sales funnel that moves your audience to buy. My favorite ad strategy: FB Lives with a call-to-action to sign up for your free webinar.

I spend the majority of my ad dollars on filling up my webinars – that’s the most important part of a webinar funnel! Quality registrants that are genuinely interested. Here’s a perk to webinars: Your BEST webinar presentations get recorded and put on autopilot…allowing you to create an evergreen funnel that can generate 24/7 revenue for your business. 

@tschill86True! Your ads and funnels are crucial to getting customers curious and having them see this webinar helps them achieve making a part of their business and life better. To get to go to the party you need an invitation.


@ChelseaKrost: A single page usually isn’t enough to make the sale, especially when engaging new customers or selling a pricey product. 1st drive traffic to the landing page. 2nd engage and influence the traffic. 3rd need to follow up to convert & finish the sale.

Segmenting your email list always you to customize certain blasts/campaigns to re-engage the audience more authentically, which in turn helps conversion rates.

: One major perk to webinars is that they actually help GROW your email list! Ur email list gets routinely pumped full of quality, highly-engaged leads who want to sign up for your webinar. Webinars are EXACTLY how I grew my email list to over 250K subscribers! If you don’t have an email list when you promote your live webinar, I highly recommend investing in paid advertising to fill up your webinars.

FB ads are the BEST way to fill up a webinar with quality registrants! I use them in my own biz. You don’t need a sophisticated funnel to generate webinar $. Focus on a stellar presentation, a simple webinar registration page and ALWAYS email your registrants AFTER your webinar. Many will still be on the fence and following up can be very profitable!

You need to give yourself some room to experiment and make mistakes. I made TONS of mistakes with my first few webinars. But if you keep at it, the rewards can be incredible. I encourage my students to do multiple live webinars. Just like anything worth doing right, you get better as you go. Focus on CONVERSIONS.

For your first webinar, shoot for 3-5% conversion and then make it your MISSION to increase from there! To increase your webinar conversions, focus on the GOLDEN RULES. Keep reading…! 

Webinar Golden Rule #1 to Increase Conversions . . .

Webinar Golden Rule #2 to Increase Conversions . . .

Webinar Golden Rule #3 to Increase Conversions . . .

For software, I LOVE for all webinar marketing needs. You can use Kajabi + Zoom to do awesome live webinars without all the tech headaches! I may be biased, but my upcoming course, Digital Course Academy, is coming up in January where I teach my students how to CREATE and LAUNCH a digital course with webinars. It’s an all in one solution for those wanting to add courses and webinars to their biz. 

One final tool for those looking to launch a webinar in the New Year – a good webcam and mic are important for live webinars. I love a Logitech webcam and a Yeti mic!

There’s both an art and a science to creating a webinar that converts. The art is the look and feel of your slide deck: font, colors, imagery, and words. The science comes in with how much of all these elements you put into each slide and how you craft the flow. Your first live webinar is ALWAYS scary. I remember I was terrified. But once you get going, you soon realize that they are incredibly powerful.

You can make an impact with your audience while also generating great revenue. It’s a pretty amazing experience! Always think of your audience when you kick off your webinar. My personal motto before each webinar: “No matter if they buy or not, they walk away feeling inspired, excited and driven to take action.” This motto reminds me that I’m there to serve. 😉

@RunnymedeCap: Sometimes you have to be brave before you’re good.

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