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#MillennialTalk Recap- Control the Steering Wheel to your Destiny

MillennialTalk - How to control the steering wheel to your destiny

This week on #MillennialTalk, we spoke with Shinjini Das, @SpeakerShinjini about “How to Control the Steering Wheel to Your Destiny.” The engagement among our over 300 participants was incredibly fast paced and packed with a Millennial’s perspective on how they are creating their own destiny. It’s inspiring to see the passionate Millennial voices that are contributing to and growing our chat and forum for Millennials each week!!

Here’s a recap of  our chat Q&A with Shinjini Das as well as some of the interaction that flowed during #MillennialTalk:

1. @Chelseakrost  Do you believe in a pre-written destiny or do you think we are responsible for writing our own destiny?

A1. @SpeakerShinjini  We are responsible for writing our own destiny to ensure that ours are some of the greatest stories ever written. #MillennialTalk

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Q2. @ChelseaKrost What would you say to someone who believes that our destiny is pre-written and that we have no choice but to accept it?

A2. @SpeakerShinjini  Our destiny is fluid and while there are certain external factors out of our control, the majority is in our control. Life is more exciting when we believe that we are in control of our own destiny, and trust me, we have the power. #MillennialTalk

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Q3. @ChelseaKrost  How do you take control of something that feels out of your control?

A3. SpeakerShinjini  Refocus your energy, take time to rejuvenate thoughts. Create an action plan to take back ownership & control. Make a list of the areas of your life in which you want more control, & create targeted action plans to achieve results! #MillennialTalk

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Q4. @ChelseaKrost  Describe the feeling of controlling the steering wheel to your destiny in 5 words or less.

A4. @SpeakerShinjini An EMPOWERED and invigorated you. #MillennialTalk

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Q5. @ChelseaKrost  What are some benefits to shaking off the negativity and powerfully living out our destiny each and every day?

A5. @SpeakerShinjini  Gaining a clarity of purpose, an incredibly strong sense of self, and an unshakeable belief in our own self-worth. #MillennialTalk

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Q6. @ChelseaKrost  According to you, why aren’t more people empowered enough to create their destiny every day in our world?

A6a. @SpeakerShinjini   A mix of fear,helplessness,confusion. If more people experienced the feelings of empowerment, more would pursue it! Fears of failing & a general fear of the unknown. We must expose others to an empowered life, then more would chase it! #MillennialTalk

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Q7. @ChelseaKrost  What do you plan to take more control of in the New Year 2015?

A7. @SpeakerShinjini  Instilling greater discipline and focus in my day to day life to ensure that I am always exceeding my true potential. #MillennialTalk

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Q8. @ChelseaKrost  How do you use social media to control elements of your destiny?

A8. @SpeakerShinjini  Social media is key to engaging people, and I actively use Facebook and Twitter to build my public speaker & writer brand! #MillennialTalk

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Q9. @ChelseaKrost  What is one thing that you find keeps holding you back that you would love to overcome?

A9. @SpeakerShinjini   Fear of failure plays a role, but I have actively taken steps to overcome this and adopt a ‘go-getter’ attitude! #MillennialTalk


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Q10. @ChelseaKrost  What do you plan to tackle first? Baby steps lead to bigger accomplishments!

A10. @SpeakerShinjini  Publish my website, which will be key to building greater engagement and continue to grow my social media following. #MillennialTalk

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We hope that you will become part of our #MillennialTalk community on Tuesday’s at 8 pm EST.



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