Meet The Boss Babe: Candice Galek

Meet our Boss Babe, Candice Galek. Candice is the founder and CEO of  Bikini Luxe, an online retail destination for designer bikinis. Bikini Luxe started out of Candices’ living room and grew to over 50 employees within its first 2 years. Talk about impressive! She was able to build her company while also building her social media presence. Candice is well known for her viral “disruptive marketing” on LinkedIn and has over a half a million follows across all of her social media platforms. This Miami based bikini maven is also a contributor for INC. and Social Media Today. Inspired by travel and giving back to the community, she is always working on something new! This 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 honoree has brains, beauty and is overall an inspiration to every women entrepreneur. Candice Galek is a triple threat! Her goal: To dominate the world one bikini at a time. Let’s find out what advice Candice has for any entrepreneur looking to make their big break.


1. With such a large social media presence, what tips do you have for other businesses and brands looking to grow their following?

With the way the algorithms are changing I would stay away from automation and services that follow/follow back. In the long run they will hurt your organic reach. Instead I would focus on connecting directly with your customers. Offering them something of value and of course utilizing influencers to build your brand. Don’t go through expensive brokers or middle men. Reach out directly to the influencer yourself.

2. What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Currently it is Linkedin because of the networking I am able to do with it. I have been able to connect with politicians to princesses as well as some of the kings of the business world. The wealth of information and knowledge that they have shared with me has been phenomenal.

3. How do you stand out from your competition?

We focus on customer service and we sell brands that give back to the community and are causing a positive force in this world. This may mean employing single Mothers, Women who have faced abuse, Children’s Charities, environmental causes there is a wide range with the brands that we work with.

4. How do you overcome fear when starting something new?

I just think to myself what is the worst that could possibly happen? Every failure is simply a lesson and a building block

5. What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs?

Pick a field that you are passionate about and expect to have to work long hours in order to succeed. Nothing worth having was ever attained easily. By picking something you are interested those long hours will fly by

6.How many times did you fail before you succeeded?

I feel like I almost fail at something every day, be it some new business practice that I put into place, ordering or creating a new line, but every failure is a stepping stone to success.

7.When did you know you “made it”?

I think when I went to Swim shows and big brands knew who I was and had heard of my business.

8. Have you worked with a business with a coach or mentor? If so, how did it bring you clarity?

I have not had a specific mentor but I have met and connected with 1000s of incredible people. Never be afraid to reach out to people you respect and ask them questions or for advice.

9. What is your spirit animal?

I think most definitely a cat. You can see my little rascal “Gizmo” here:


10.What is your horoscope?


11. Favorite book?

I have so many! I would say for business “The Art of War” and for personal “The Alchemist”

12. What is your motto/mantra?

Global domination one bikini at a time

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