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Making the Most of Virtual Internships

Virtual internships

If you’re like most students who attend schools in small cities, you’re always on the hunt for new opportunities that may not be available to you where you’re located. For those who always have a lot on their plate or work multiple jobs, it’s not easy to find opportunities that fit in your everyday life. Virtual internships are the perfect way to get some experience for students who aren’t located in ideal places for their careers. Just like any other experience, it is up to you to make the most of it!

The number one thing to take away from a virtual internship is the skill of time management! This is crucial to success when it comes to working from home. We all have jobs, school, a social life, and maybe even another internship; but make sure you’re putting time aside to get work done on time. It looks bad when someone is able to make their own hours but still can’t meet deadlines. At some point in our lives, we all have to learn to manage our time more effectively.

This is especially true for millennials in college, who have many obligations to juggle; this is the perfect way to get your priorities in order.

Another great thing about virtual internships is that you get to network without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Imagine meeting a whole team of people, who all live in different places in the country, so if you ever found yourself there you’d have someone to call! Personally, the networking is my favorite part of the experience. There is a special kind of comfort in knowing that there are people in your life who will help you if you needed them, yet you’ve never seen them in person.

One very important thing to remember about making the most of virtual internship is not slacking off and actually doing the work! Use your free time to do work for your virtual internship. If you put off the work until the last minute and start to miss deadlines, two things happen: you don’t get the experience you need and you make a bad impression on your boss. As stated before, networking is great part of the experience but if you can’t come out of the internship with a chance of getting a good recommendation or reference, you haven’t used the job to your advantage. The development of a strong work ethic is crucial to being the best intern you can be. Virtual internships aren’t meant to give you room to be lazy, but give you valuable work experience in a more convenient setting.

Something that every young professional must learn is that you can’t always change your situation but you can make the best of it. For me, the city I attend college in isn’t ideal for the industry I want a career in. Students end up in these situations a number of ways but for me it was going to college and figuring out what I want to be in life with no time to transfer if I wanted to graduate on time. If you’re wondering what’s next for you or where the next great career opportunity might be, check online! Virtual internships allow you to be a full time student, employee and maintain participation in many other activities as well. Utilize virtual experiences to work on your time management, networking and work ethic and you can achieve all your career goals!

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  1. Interesting but how does a young student find a “virtual” internship? It sounds as if the work would be research for a company. What companies have a virtual internship? I’ve never heard of it. Not that I’m against it just curious what an inexperienced student/recent grad could contribute in a virtual environment. Thanks!

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