K squared no more!

The Millennial generation is experiencing growth and obsession unlike any previous generation. When I was a sophomore in high school I started my first serious relationship. At fifteen years old I was smitten and I truly thought I knew what love was. Now almost six years later, in retrospect it is mind boggling to me that at such a young age both my boyfriend and I were honest, respectful, and acted as a TEAM. After three years of a beautiful relationship we both maturely decided it would be best to go our separate ways when we left for college and we still remain friends today. Unlike my relationship experience, let’s face it, Hollywood couples do not have the best track record of staying in a committed relationship much less following the marriage oath, “Until death do us part.” In today’s world we can become emotionally attached to celebrity couples like the latest items: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomes, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and of course Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. My 85 year-old grandfather could write the Kardashian Family biography and it is certainly not because he is a gossip monger, it is simply because he reads the paper, and watches television. We can’t escape the Kardashians no matter where we turn today whether we want to or not. On August 20th 2011 an alien visiting Earth might have thought the queen of the world was getting married, but no, it was just the Armenian beauty Kim K marrying her extremely tall and basketball stud. Not that I wished their marriage any kind of bad luck or failure, but I had a silent bet with myself that the vows would last three months, max. If you haven’t heard by now, Kim and Kris are getting a divorce after 72 days, so I lost the bet by 21 days…bummer. The 20 million dollar fairy tale wedding is all a memory and now it is all a divorce lawyer’s circus and a scramble for the road to public relations recovery. What saddens me is the message this is sending young girls who look up to celebrity figures like Kim. A relationship between two people should be something private amongst family and friends instead of a circus production for E News. Kim and Kris’s relationship was put under such a monumental magnifying glass that it would have been a miracle if their marriage latest even a year.

My hope for young girls out there is that they know that this is not what they should strive to be like in their future. Kim’s “fairytale wedding” was nothing like a Cinderella story. If there is anything to learn from this Double K Disaster it is that we really need to remember what a healthy relationship looks like and what marriage is all about. If you are in a relationship now, make sure there is trust between you and your partner and you don’t feel like you’re changing who you are to make the other person happy. A healthy relationship is when each partner brings out the best in each other and is there for one another through the good and the bad. It is not about the 20 carat ring, it is about having someone you love to say goodnight, someone to wish you good luck when luck truly matters, smile with you when you’re happy, and rub your back when you’re sad. There is no need to go on the prowl for Mr. or Mrs. Right especially while we are young. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your independence, and enjoy your friends. The biggest turn on is someone who is content, confident, and happy with who they are. Focus on yourself before you dive into a relationship. Then when you least expect it, you will be ready for the fall when Prince Charming or Ms. Wonderful knocks you off your feet!


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