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Why You Should Join the Down Payment Movement

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need me to tell you that the Millennial generation faces unprecedented hurdles when it comes to buying a home.

Our generation was encouraged to study hard and get a college education, despite the scary amount of student loans that we frequently had to take on to pursue our degrees.

Our generation worked hard to kickstart our careers, “starting at the bottom” and often moving to major cities where jobs were more plentiful. But with the influx of new residents in these cities, rent became increasingly expensive…even ridiculously expensive!

Now, as our generation grows into adulthood, the milestones of previous generations — including homeownership — sometimes feel out of reach.

With monthly student loan payments, high rents, and rising home prices in almost every city, it’s a challenge for Millennials to buy a home in the U.S.

And yet, it’s not that we don’t want to buy a home. In fact, 9 out of 10 Millennials want to buy a home sometime in their life. So what’s the solution?

The Down Payment Movement

This is why Unison and personal finance bloggers from all over the country have banded together to create something called the Down Payment Movement. They are bringing people together to make a goal for saving for their down payment this year. Collectively the goal is to save up $1 million.

When you sign up for the Down Payment Movement you’ll not only join a great group of people who are all working toward the same goal, you’ll also receive a free 12-week home buying course that covers the basics of the home buying process — which took hundreds of hours to put together. Included in the course are the following topics:

  • Session 1: How to Know If You’re Ready to Buy a Home
  • Session 2: How Much Home Can You Afford
  • Session 3: What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a Home
  • Session 4: How to Get Pre-Approved to Buy a Home
  • Session 5: How to Choose a Real Estate Agent
  • Session 6: How to Find the Right Home for You
  • Session 7: What to Look for When Home Shopping
  • Session 8: How to Make a Successful Offer On a Home
  • Session 9: How to Apply for a Mortgage
  • Session 10: Is It Better to Have a 20% Down Payment
  • Session 11: How Does Mortgage Insurance Work
  • Session 12: What You Need to Know About Closing Costs

Let me tell you, I wish I had resources like the 12-week home buying course when my husband and I purchased our first home almost a year ago to date. This information is GOLD and it will help empower you to make the best decisions.

Start Your Home Buying Journey

If that sounds interesting to you, check out, make a savings pledge today, and join the movement. Whether you have $10,000 saved up, or $100 — or zero – Unison wants to help you make a plan and take action to get closer to achieving your goal.

Owning a home can be one of the most fulfilling things to happen in your life. It can give you the lifestyle you want, provide security, allow you to put down roots, and provide a way to build equity every month.

Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a home, I hope this helps you get there!



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