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How to Unlock Happiness At Work on #MillennialTalk Twitter Chat


Tuesday, January 12 at 8pm ET on #MillennialTalk, we’re chatting with Jennifer Moss @JenLeighMoss about “Unlocking Happiness at Work.”

Jennifer Moss is the Cofounder of Plasticity Labs, a technology startup that blends neuroplasticity and Positive Psychology to increase emotional intelligence in individuals and organizations.

Jennifer is a speaker and author with an expertise in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and happiness. She writes for the Harvard Business Review and the Huffington Post. Her book, Unlocking Happiness at Work, will be launched by Kogan Page in October 2016.

Some of this week’s talking points:

  • Why should happiness be a priority at work?
  • How is the workforce changing to adjust for this shift?
  • What role do Millennials play in advancing the happiness movement?
  • How does stress affect Millennials in the workplace?
  • How can Millennials build up their psychological fitness to combat stress at work and at home?

We’re also infusing Blab into our chat!! Make sure to join us at the same time on Blab here and also tweet and call in YOUR questions!!

Looking forward to chatting with you Tuesday, January 12 at 8 pm EST on #MillennialTalk about “Unlocking Happiness at Work”. Make sure to mark your calendars!!!



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