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How to Stay Committed When you Really Feel Like Quitting

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In the process of “growing up” there are many responsibilities we would prefer, on most days, to just not have to do. From going to work, to paying bills, to exercising, there’s so much we should do that it’s often tempting to rebel completely and quit the thing we once were so excited about.

Rather than acting on impulse and giving up on something you might regret tomorrow, here are some tools to check in and see if you’re really ready to give it up or if you just need to push through.

Are you willing to do the thing for 7 minutes?

Tasks such as going for a run or sitting down to pay the bills sometimes just sound awful. Rather than thinking of the whole task and the long process it entails, ask yourself if you’re willing to spend just 7 minutes doing what you can. You will either realize it’s not as bad as you imagined and complete the task entirely, or you’ll be satisfied with doing something rather than nothing.

Does completing this project or task help you to become more of the person you really want to be?

Goals are not for getting, they’re for growing. When deadlines approach faster than you’re ready for or you feel no motivation to accomplish the thing you once were so excited about, the act of doing it anyways requires you to step into a new kind of being – one that is deeply dedicated, fiercely committed, and willing to be frustrated and uncomfortable in the interest of growth.

Bonus tip: For tasks in the office that sound like no fun, I like to imagine that my bum is super glued to the seat until the project is totally complete.

Imagine the task or project as a baby.

If the thing you really don’t feel like doing were a living baby, and that baby was crying because it wanted to be held and tended to, what would you do in this situation? You always have a choice of whether to do something or not, but I would assume that if your choice affected the life of another being, you would step up even when you really felt like curling up in a ball and pretending you don’t know about it.

How would I feel if this thing were completed?

One of the greatest ways to ignite the motivation to accomplish something is to imagine how you will feel when it is completed. The Law of Attraction states that by imagining the end result, you attract everything to you required to accomplish that outcome, including the energy, ideas and resources.  By taking just 5 seconds to engage with how you will feel when it is complete, you are setting yourself up for a smooth ride towards accomplishment.

What are some of the ways that you stay focused and committed when you really feel like giving up? Post them here for others to find exactly what they’re looking for today!

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