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How to Save Money Like a Millennial- They're Breaking All the Old Rules!

cpblogThe Millennial Generation is breaking certain traditions and redefining today’s new normal. What is clear about this generation is that we are hungry for success, we think outside the box, and we are pioneering our own path to achieve financial independence.

This week I have teamed up with Capital One to make this #MillennialTalk chat loaded with knowledgeable influencers who will provide great financial, career, and life tips! We’ll also be sharing out some insightful stats from their recent Millennial Mindset on Money Survey.

Tuesday, December 8 at 8pm EST, on #MillennialTalk, we’re speaking on Twitter with Nicole Lapin, financial expert and bestselling author of Rich Bitch and Mary Beth Storjohann, CFP®, founder of Workable Wealth, who also works as an author, speaker, and financial coach with individuals and couples in their 20s – 40s across the country.

We will also be infusing a Blab video chat into #MillennialTalk with a Millennial panel including: Winnie Sun, Managing Director and Founding Partner of Sun Group Wealth Partners, Greg Goldner, speaker, author and Co-founder and CEO of The Mpulse. and Ebonie Johnson Cooper, thought-leader, expert consultant, and social media strategist.

Some of this week’s talking points:

• Define your mindset when it comes to money and your finances
• When it comes to negotiating your salary how can we best approach the subject to score a larger paycheck?
• What technology innovation(s) helps you most with organizing your finances?
• What is the rule of thumb when it comes to organizing an emergency savings?

Looking forward to chatting with you December 8 at 8 pm EST on #MillennialTalk about “How to Save Money Like a Millennial – They’re Breaking All the Old Rules”. Make sure to mark your calendars!!!



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