How to make the most out of working from home

How to Make the Most of Your Extended Work From Home Time

More people than ever are working remotely, and it might be hard to feel like you’re putting your best foot forward each day when you’re in a new and challenging environment. While it’s important to be kind to yourself while you adjust, there are steps you can take to work from home as effectively as possible. You might even get a little more out of your newfound situation than you initially expected.

Dress for Success Every Day

It’s almost a work from home cliche at this point, but getting dressed every day can make you feel ready to tackle your tasks and get moving. You don’t need to dress as formally as you might when heading to the office — unless, of course, that’s what makes you feel good. However, freshening up can make a significant difference in your confidence and work ethic.

Make Your Space Your Own

If you’re lucky enough to have a designated office space in your home, you should take advantage of it. Consider the needs and requirements of your job, and how you can best utilize the room to meet them.

If you don’t have a designated office in your house, you can make one! Whether you’re working at your kitchen table, or you have a desk in your bedroom, creating a space that functions primarily as your work zone can help put you in a productive headspace.

Keep Your Morning “Commute”

Even when you don’t have a literal drive to work, you can create a route in and out of your workday to set the mood. It can be any kind of routine, like taking a walk, listening to music or working out. Commuting is all about building a transition from your personal life to your work, and vice versa. This practice can also help you set boundaries between the two, leading to a better balance.

Build Intentional Social Interaction

When you work remotely, you receive significantly less social time than you would in a regular workplace, which calls for you to build interaction into your schedule. You can schedule FaceTime dates with friends or spend time with loved ones in your own household to get your daily fix. Humans are social creatures, and regular interaction can help you feel more energized and connected to the world around you.

Use Your Extra Time Productively

Working from home can free up a lot of your time that’s usually spent transitioning or doing menial tasks. This situation creates the perfect opportunity to devote extra time to reading, learning a new skill or doing anything else that your usual schedule might not have allowed for.

Spending just a few minutes each day on something that brings you joy or helps you develop as a person can lift your mood and make working from home genuinely worth it.

Excel in Your Work From Home Role

Working from home can be new and intimidating, but it can offer a world of opportunities. Take steps to be intentional about your day to elevate your working hours and help you make the most of them. What WFH techniques are you excited to try?


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