How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign on #Millennialtalk


Tuesday. October 6th at 8pm EST, we are speaking with top experts @JustinSimon, @MarkFidelman and @SamFiorella about “How to Run a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign” on #MillennialTalk Twitter Chat.

Justin Simon is head of social media division at Evolve!, focusing on social media, digital marketing and influencer marketing, as well as social growth hacking and lead generation.

Mark Fidelman is CEO of Evolve! Digital Marketing Agency, Forbes columnist and was named a 2013 Huffington Post Top 50 Most Social CEO.

Sam Fiorella is co-author of Influence Marketing ,partner at Sensei Marketing and professor of Marketing, Seneca College.

Some of tonight’s talking points:

• How do you find the best influencers to cast for your campaign?
• What is your rule of thumb when it comes to compensating influencers?
• How can brands best build a community around their brand in the social space?
• Does influencer marketing create a tangible ROI for the brand? How so?
• How can you create an influencer campaign on a small budget?

Looking forward to chatting with you October 6th at 8 pm EST about “How to Run a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign” with @JustinSimon, @MarkFidelman and @SamFiorella on #MillennialTalk.

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