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How A Morning Routine Can Set You Up For Success

Morning routines are similar to marmite, you either hate it or love it, but could that be a lie? Many of us have convinced ourselves that we’re not morning people but did you ever take a second to ask yourself why you believe that? Is this statement a fact or a myth? Perhaps it’s someone else’s belief that you decided to run with. No matter what reason you come to, it’s time to re-evaluate its validity as a morning routine can set you up for success.

A morning routine should be in alignment with your purpose. You need to first understand what you’re working towards and have some form of self-awareness. If spirituality is important to you, do 30 minutes of meditation.

Perhaps knowledge is one of your core values, add 30 minutes of reading when you drink your morning coffee. The activities you add to your routine should leave you feeling calm, inspired and ready to conquer the day. If you’re still not convinced here are 4 reasons why you need a morning routine.

Sets the tone for the day

Having routines in place allows the day to have a structure. Rather than responding to what’s happening around us, checking notifications and going with the flow. We become more disciplined in our practices. Choosing to have a productive morning over lying in bed for 5 extra minutes scrolling on Instagram or TikTok. By setting the tone for the day, we’re telling ourselves that we’re not settling for anything less than excellence.

Which scenario sounds more appealing to you?

  • Scenario 1- You wake up at 6:45am, roll over, drink a glass of water then reach for your phone. You end up scrolling for an hour and realise you only have 30 minutes left to get ready. You end up rushing around, maybe forgetting an item or two and show up to work in a frenzy. You’re feeling overwhelmed and the slightest remarks irritate you. Leaving a bad impression of you to those around.
  • Scenario 2- You wake up at 6:30am, drink a glass of water, get up and stretch then make your bed. You fuel yourself with a cup of tea or a smoothie. As you enjoy your drink, you take a minute to write your day’s intentions and answer 2 journal prompts. Exercise is a non-negotiable, so you choose to go for a morning run, do yoga or a 15-minute workout. Then you shower, do a simple skincare routine, make breakfast and get ready for work. Giving yourself plenty of time to show up and calmly start the working day.

Increases your productivity levels

How do you view daily habits? Many believe it’s monotonous, to them I would say it’s time to rethink your meaning. For me, it’s a bridge between strategy and action. Having many options can distract us from being focused and productive.

By constraining our choices and having a structure, we’re able to take inspired action towards our goal. This could be to live a healthier life, to be connected to God, to gain self-awareness. Using this uninterrupted time in the morning allows our productivity levels to soar.

Leaves you feeling in control

Don’t react to life instead respond in a more thoughtful manner. We live in a chaotic world where drama is around every corner waiting for it to consume us. Everything is our decision, we’re the sum of all our choices.

If you’re not happy, independent or free, look back at your past choices, is there a pattern? Then ask yourself what goal do I want to accomplish in the next 12 months? Remember prioritising your own well-being is not selfish. Place those boundaries, create routines and be intentional about your growth. These actions allow you to feel in control and track your progress.

For those who are indecisive or tend to overthink, use the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. It’s the simple concept of acting on your instinct within 5 seconds before your mind talks you out of it.

For example, take getting out of bed in the morning. Do you spring out of bed or do you have to convince yourself to leave? As soon as the thought of getting out of bed comes into your mind, follow through within 5 seconds. This rule also applies to writing an essay, applying for a job, asking for a promotion or self-promoting.

Helps you develop healthy habits

Routines bring comfort and familiarity once you’ve been doing it for a while. When you first adopt a new habit, it’s unusual as it’s a step towards change, which is a common fear. Have you struggled with making life adjustments?

Many people experience anxiety over change, instead of taking action, they settle for unfulfilling jobs and relationships. If you’re finding something difficult, remind yourself why you’re doing it, what result do you want to achieve?

A morning routine helps develop healthy habits and gives you the time to check-in with yourself. When was the last time you checked your emotions? If unchecked, they could send you in a downward spiral.

How you think determines how you feel and the results you create. It’s a simple cycle. If I chose to be happy (emotions), I’m more likely to get my to-do completed (actions). This would result in more business coming my way and increasing my happiness (results). Other benefits would include lowering stress levels and sparking confidence.

To summarize, a routine is a powerful tool to live a happy fulfilling life. It makes you take purposeful actions towards your goals. Leaves you feeling ready to conquer the day with confidence. Make a commitment to yourself today to do the work necessary. If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will.


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