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How To Handle A Toxic Co-Worker

How to Handle a Toxic Coworker

My last article talked about climbing to the top and how nice you should be to people but let’s face it, your place of employment isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows, there will be toxic people you have to deal with. It sucks to deal with these emotional vampires but unless you want to quit, that toxic person is going to be in your life. So what do you do?

ŸAVOID THE NOISE: Don’t get caught-up in the reindeer games. This is an obvious one; if there’s no reason for you to talk to the person or be around the person, keep your distance.

ŸPOKERFACE: For those times when you MUST deal with that toxic co-worker, don’t show negative emotion or give off negative energy. Keep that scowl off of your face and maintain a calm demeanor. It helps keep the situation cool, which makes it easier for you to handle.

ŸKEEP IT PROFESSIONAL: When you have to interact with toxic co-workers or bosses, talk about the task at-hand or whatever it is that requires you to interact with this person or group of people. Small jabs and verbal jousting is not helpful and only adds fuel to the flames.

ŸMOVE ON: If a toxic person or group of people makes for a completely toxic work environment and you’re about to reach a breaking-point, move the heck on. It is not healthy mentally, emotionally and even physically to go to a job everyday where you are miserable. Leaving a job takes guts but your well-being means so much.  There are other jobs out there.

I get it, sometimes we have to work jobs we don’t want to do with people we don’t want to be around because we have bills to pay and people to care for. But if you can’t just up and quit a job, keep doing that job but look for something else. It’s so important to have a network of people you can call on when you need a job. Networking will be the focus of my next article. Until then, don’t let the toxic folks rub off on you.

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