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Getting the Best Out of a Failing Relationship

Getting the most from a failing relationship

A failing relationship is often evident by several signs; for some, it might be ignoring texts, while others get the sign from conversations. If you realize that you no longer have that feeling of intimacy each time you look at your partner in the eyes, then something is wrong somewhere, and you need to deal with it early enough.

A relationship is only declared failed after you have tried all the possible options to make it work. This means that you can still get the best out of your failing relationship by following the steps highlighted below:

Create a listening habit

Communication is essential in a relationship as it helps to strengthen the bond between partners. However, what is even more important is the ability to listen. The fact that you take your time to listen to your spouse means you rate them and acknowledge their relevance and importance in your life.

You need to open your eyes, ears, and heart to your spouse at all times. Opening your eyes means giving your spouse full attention at all times. Maintaining eye contact for a long time means a lot to your spouse as words can be better expressed through this method.

You must also allow your spouse to speak without having to interrupt. Avoid using the word “but” when dealing with your partner, especially if you are already noticing some kind of distance in your relationship. Creating a listening ear and heart shows that you still care, and this might be just what you need to get the best out of your relationship.

Own your behavior

This is another important cause of relationship failure that needs to be checked. Sometimes you might be taking your frustrations out on your partner, and each time he or she points it out to you, you will always deny it. This can cause gradual separation, which, over time, can lead to marriage failure. It could also be in the excuses you give or empty promises you make. Your ability to own your behavior will go a long way in helping your failing relationship.

You need to speak to your partner and admit that you have been messing up. You also need to promise that such actions will not happen any longer. Beyond the promises, you need to put measures in place to ensure this wrong behavior no longer happens.

Build the Trust

Trust is one of the main fuels needed to keep a relationship active. Most relationships have failed because of a lack of trust in the relationship. This could because of a constant bad habit being displayed by either the man or the woman.

Building a failing relationship caused by distrust can take some time, but you will achieve the result with consistency. You need to admit you are wrong without giving excuses. Then you need to ask for your spouse’s forgiveness. Lastly, you must work on ways to ensure that you no longer display such a habit in the relationship. If you can keep being consistent at this, the trust will be built, and you can still save your failing relationship.

After all is said and done, what is most important in a relationship is to keep the communication line open. Always discuss with your partner even if you do not feel like it. This will help you identify the problems quickly, and together you both can take practical steps to make the failing relationship work again.


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