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Get Global Inspiration For Holiday Shopping Thanks To Baaz

Imagine, just for a minute, how much time you could save if you had all of your social media platforms and up to the minute, international, trending content in one convenient place. I know, you are thinking “there are tons of platforms out there that already do this,” right? Well, not really. With other social media platforms, you are only seeing what is happening on that particular platform. Inside that platform is an algorithm, which decides for you what is important for you to see in your feeds – do you realize what you might be missing?

Baaz, which has just launched here in the United States, is a next-generation social platform that lets YOU choose trending stories from across the world based on what you want to see in your news feeds from entertainment, to influencers, to politics and everything in between.

So, let’s talk for a minute about how you can tap into the new world of Baaz for global inspiration in your holiday shopping. We all know that the holiday season can be fast and furious, so anything to give us a leg up on our holiday shopping is a win, don’t you think?

Before social media, if you found something you bought and loved, you would call that person up and say “hey, you won’t believe this amazing product I found, you should try it.” Today, social media has amplified word-of-mouth impact and has enormous influence on what brands and experiences we trust and ultimately will purchase.

So, while you may not look at Baaz and immediately think of it as a shopping channel, it is undoubtedly a place of promotion for the wants and needs of people, and by giving us up-to-the-minute trending articles, it is also promoting what people are searching for and what they are reading.

With the detailed filtering and customization that Baaz offers its users, you can fine tune your trending article feed to give you exactly what you want; ideas for Christmas, for example. Looking specifically for those holiday how-to’s – like decorating your house to look just like the White House – or what the next big hot tech toy will be? Simple! Just use the keyword filter or search on your trending articles to par it down to exactly what you want.

Let’s say, for example; I have a friend on my shopping list who I know loves Victoria’s Secret products. By logging into my Bazz account, I can see right on the front page that they just had a fashion show and I can grab the scoop to find out exactly what I should be shopping for as a gift to my friend.

Are you one of those people who had your holiday shopping finished in July or more like the rest of us, who will be desperately working on our holiday shopping list on Christmas Eve? Check out Baaz today and see if it can help you soak up the holiday inspiration and get ahead of your shopping list this season.



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